Damaged Equipment Puts Hospital in Crisis

BANGLI ~ Half the vital medical plant at Bangli Public Hospital is either inoperative because of damage or needs repair or maintenance, according to the hospital director, Wayan Sudiana.

He blames the crisis on “leadership problems” in the regency’s health system, the “extremely inadequate” maintenance budget, and says he is particularly concerned that the hospital is unable to properly treat patients with broken bones.

Because Bangli cannot cope with the call on its resources, patients are being referred to hospitals in neighbouring Gianyar regency.

It is understood that one critically important machine worth US$200,000 (Rp2 billion) has been unusable for six months and that half the essential medical machinery at the hospital is 10 years old and in need of routine maintenance.

Other machinery has been damaged due to heavy use. Two vital diagnostic machines have been damaged beyond use.

Hospital director Sudiana said this week the machines were supposed to be used only up to a maximum of 10 times a day, but heavy and urgent demand on them to test applicants for positions in the regency health bureaucracy had meant they were in constant use.

“Because of this they have overheated and damage has not been repaired,” he said.

Sudiana has called for an inquiry into the state of equipment at the hospital and says technicians should be sent from Jakarta to repair damaged hospital machinery if needed.

Bangli regency legislator Nyoman Adnyana acknowledged that minimal funds were allocated for the maintenance of equipment at Bangli hospitals.

He said it was the government’s responsibility to deliver adequate funds to meet its vision of Bangli as a city of health.

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