Klungkung, Bangli Get Wake-Up Calls over Audit Findings

SEMARAPURA ~ Klungkung Regency has been told to improve its performance after an audit found irregularities totalling more than Rp21 billion (US$2 million) for the 2008 fiscal year.

Administrative irregularities of $2.115 million (Rp 21.15 billion) and a regional loss of $17,214 (Rp 172.14 million) were reported after an audit of Klungkung regency finances.

The audit was conducted by the finance agency (CPC) in Semarapura and presented in a special report to the Klungkung Legislative Assembly.

Only the chairman, vice-chairman and seven of 25 members of the regency legislature attended a meeting last Tuesday (July 7) to hear the findings of the audit.

CPC Chairman Ambarita Nelson told them he did not want the poor result to be repeated.

Nelson said the administrative irregularities totalling $2.115 million were found in banking costs; the cost of teaching licences and of ID card records in the Office of Civil Records; the Klungkung Public Hospital health services levy; and use of capital funds.

Some irregularities were found to be due to the late deposit of funds.

Nelson said the Rp172 million regional loss was due to the unsuitable condition of goods and services; wages; ferry ticket income; royalty payments; and inappropriate provision for operating expenditure.

“CPC gives general recommendations for the improvement of management and financial areas,” he told the meeting.

“CPC has issued full recommendations so that similar cases do not recur – so there is no reason for the repetition of misuse.”

Separately, the head of revenue, Putu Gede Winastra, announced that an audit of expenditure areas covering services for legislators and other health services resulted in the return to revenue of Rp39,491,000 ($3,400). Another Rp20,162,000 ($2,000) was still to be accounted for.

Neighbouring Bangli regency has also had a wake-up call from its auditors.

Preliminary results have found administration irregularities of Rp28 billion ($2.8 million) and a regional loss of Rp477 million ($ 47,700) for the 2008 fiscal year.

The CPC audit found a discrepancy of Rp30,900,000 ($3,090) in funds controlled by the Office of State Property and Auction.

It found 11 plots of land controlled by Animal Husbandry and Fisheries that have never been certified and that are valued at Rp135 million ($135,000).

And it identified loss of interest due to funds not being deposited; and misinformation in a document concerning a project at Bangli Public Hospital.

The regional loss of Rp 477 million included a fine for delayed work on a Health Office project; unaccounted education department wages; unaccounted spending on Public Works projects; and reduced income from bank interest.

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