Extra CCTV to Boost Swine Flu Isolation Rules

DENPASAR ~ Sanglah Public Hospital is planning to install a closed circuit television (CCTV) system in its Nusa Indah (Beautiful Island) isolation wing to ensure quarantine restrictions are fully met in dealing with suspected swine flu patients and to reduce exposure of medical and nursing staff to risk of infection.

The announcement came as the hospital said three more suspected cases had been admitted late last week and over last weekend.

The hospital has not decided how many camera and monitors are needed for the increased surveillance but says the system will help ensure better supervision of swine flu (H1N1) patients.

According to the hospital’s head of medical services, Dr. Lanang Suartana, reducing direct medical and nursing staff contact will also help protect relatives and friends of patients who visit the hospital to see isolation wing doctors and nurses.

Dr. Suartana urged local people, especially those exposed to contact with tourists around tourism attractions, to take precautions against contracting H1N1.

The three new patients admitted to Nusa Indah are a New Zealand man, an American woman and a woman visitor from Jakarta. All were being tested for swine flu.

Dr. Suartana said doctors believed the Jakarta patient would have contracted swine flu (if this was confirmed) from mixing in Bali with foreign tourists. She had arrived in Bali four days before becoming unwell.

Meanwhile, more surveillance cameras are also to be installed around the hospital complex to increase areas under security observation.

Hospital administrators are worried that because the complex covers a large area and much of it is unlit at night there is a risk to staff and visitors from theft and assault.

They also want to curb use of darkened areas by couples for illicit sex.

Sanglah’s head of security, Ferry Dwiyanto, said inappropriate behaviour was a problem not only in open areas but also inside some buildings.

“Often it occurs in the clinic waiting room,” he said.

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