Heart Disease Patient Dies in Sanglah Isolation, Apparently Not of Swine Flu

DENPASAR ~ A Bali-based Lion Air engineer who had recently arrived in Bali from Singapore with his family has died at Sanglah Hospital’s isolation ward.

Hospital authorities placed him in isolation after he was admitted last Friday with heart and lung problems because Singapore is a declared swine flu area.

The man, Slamet Subagyo (55), of Park Estate, Jimbaran, and originally from Sidoarjo, East Java, died at 9:15am on Tuesday. He had returned to Bali from Singapore on Thursday last week.

Slamet’s wife, Renata Ely, said he had not had flu and she did not know why Sanglah Hospital authorities had put him into the Nusa Indah isolation wing.

He had not had flu symptoms and had previously been in Kasih Ibu Hospital – last March – with a serious chronic heart and lung condition.

The hospital said he had been placed in isolation because he was ill with an unknown condition and had just arrived from Singapore.

But Ely said her husband had a history of heart disease and lung infections.

“In March 2009, he was in Kasih Ibu Hospital for five days because of heart disease and lung (problems),” she said.

“In fact he was taken to Kasih Ibu before being brought to Sanglah. The Kasih Ibu doctor who examined him said he had a problem with his heart and referred him to specialists at Sanglah.”

Dr. IGN Wibawa Putra of Sanglah Hospital said the hospital did not claim Slamet had swine flu. He was admitted to the isolation ward in line with World Health Organisation procedures for dealing with pandemics.

“Because he had just arrived from Singapore, he was handled according to isolation rules,” Dr. Putra said.

“But we will not know whether he had swine flu until we get the test results.”

Slamet’s family expressed concern that although he had been admitted to Sanglah from Kasih Ibu at 3:55am last Monday, he was not taken to the Nusah Indah isolation ward until 8:30am.

“The examination at Kasih Ibu showed heart disease. So why was he taken to the isolation wing as a suspected swine flu case?” Ely said.

She added that the family was also upset because they had not been allowed to see the body.

Meanwhile, a woman from Denpasar who was in isolation as a suspected swine flu case left the ward and escaped from pursuing security men in a market area near the hospital.

It was reported that her pursuers were reluctant to get too close to her because she was not wearing a mask.

Hospital authorities named her as Dewi, of West Denpasar, who had arrived home from Hong Kong – also a declared swine flu area – three days earlier.

Until Dewi absconded, the isolation wing at Sanglah housed eight patients.

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