The Devil Among Us

We speak of evil in our society, of incarnations of the Devil, the anti-God, and nowhere is there such a manifestation of anti-humanity than in the people who carried out the suicide bombings at two hotels in Jakarta last Friday morning, taking seven innocent lives with them.

These bombers represent all that is against the human way of life: traits of loving, caring and giving – encapsulated in a shell called humanity. To strike at this core is to deny life itself, as happened last week, and as has previously occurred in Bali and the capital.

This unconscionable scene has been repeated the world over, from New York to India, for almost a decade. The Jakarta bombers, and those behind them, indoctrinating and instructing, demonstrate their entire lack of regard or respect for the human condition; they seek not to advance it, but to destroy all that is good about living and the vitality of life itself.

In this the world’s most populous Muslim country, there is no tolerance for Islamic militancy. Not one Muslim-based party garnered enough support to place a candidate for the presidential election earlier this month. It was the incumbent, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – who stood on a platform that included security and weeding out terrorists – who won a landslide victory.

Whether or not the hotel bombers were hitting out against that ballot win is moot; what is clear is that in the larger picture, with their warped vision of how things should be, they were intent on causing harm, misery and destruction to the very country they call their own. They sought to kill and maim foreign people doing business here, investing in this nation and providing employment for Indonesians. (They also murdered fellow Indonesians.) They aimed to strike at high-profile places in the hope of scaring people, and their money, away.

If anything is patently obvious about these ongoing attacks, it is this: certain seats of “learning” in Java are institutions brimming with sheer hate for prosperity and assumed high-living Western ways of life. You only have to visit an Islamic boarding school to see signs painted on their walls of death to infidels and talk of waging war on so-called non-believers. This is a mindless dictatorship: there is no reasoning; it is their way or none at all.

Such schools must be shut down. If not, we will endure many more attacks to come.

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