Car-Free Days to Get Denpasar Trial

DENPASAR ~ Community cycling groups have proposed car-free days for Denpasar to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce pollution.

And the mayor of Denpasar has backed the idea of trialling car-free days by banning motor vehicles from city streets on August 15.

The following day – a Sunday – there will be live entertainment at the Puputan park so that citizens can celebrate their environmental benefit.

The cycling groups, members of Samas, which links 28 such clubs, have welcomed the move.

Spokesman Satria Naradha said after the announcement, on Tuesday, that the bicycle was a special form of transport and bike riders should have their own bike paths. He admitted this would be difficult to provide in the crowded parts of Denpasar.

He called for action to encourage children to ride bikes for fitness and to help reduce pollution and protect the environment.

Samas has an active programme of public service, including a voluntary assistance group, the Denpasar Cycling Standby Brigade, whose members are trained to cycle through otherwise impassable areas to render first aid.

It is working with Sanglah Hospital.

Volunteers are being trained in first-response trauma treatment, how to get qualified medical and nursing assistance to the scene and to deal with conditions likely to be experienced in emergencies, natural disaster and other incidents.

The Sanglah training course is over two days and will be held from August 8-9.

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2 Responses to “Car-Free Days to Get Denpasar Trial”

  1. John Ward Says:

    Just a thought but how on earth does the mayor expect people who live in Denpasar and work elsewhere to get there (in the absence of a bicycle)? Or deliveries to be made to businesses? Or children to be taken to Saturday lessons? Or…? Or…? Come on! have they really thought this through? Does it mean any motor vehicle will be stopped and fines imposed? Will it be voluntary or an imposed rule? Everyone I’ve spoken to is thoroughly confused by this. What exactly is going to happen on Saturday? Will vehicles driving home to denpasar be turned away at the city limits? It all sounds a little ridiculous to me.

  2. John Ward Says:

    It seems that every other publication is saying that car free days will be on Sundays and only on certain roads. Are they all wrong or are you Bali Times?

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