Lost His Love But Got Her Jewellery

DENPASAR ~ The Denpasar District Court last week heard how a soured relationship between an expatriate man and a local woman led to a series of thefts of valuable property from a safety deposit box apparently souvenired because of resentment.

David Joseph Blezsynski, who claims to be a close relation of the artist Tamara Blezsynski, admitted stealing jewellery belonging to Cheryl Riri.

Chief Judge Sigit Sutanto heard evidence that when apprehended, Blezsynski was happy to answer questions about the theft. Blezsynski claimed a previously close relationship with Riri had cooled, but he had harboured hopes of a reconciliation leading to an even closer relationship.

“I really love her wholeheartedly,” he told the court. “I was sick at heart and took the jewellery because of this. It did not cure my heartache.”

Asked how he knew the access code to Riri’s safety deposit box, he said it was because Riri had given him the code earlier, when their relationship was good.

He said he had sold some of the jewellery and used the proceeds of the sale to go on a spending spree.

Some of the jewellery remained unsold and he had given it to Riri’s cousin, Valencia Devi Riri, for safe-keeping. He said he and Cheryl Riri had signed a letter of concord.

Valencia Riri told the court Blezsynski had given her a red jewellery box containing a zircon bracelet and another one with silver bracelets, a silver ring and a pair of silver earrings.

He had handed these to her at a cafe on April 23 and she had recognised them as belonging to Cheryl Riri.

The case is continuing.

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