More Illegal Tappers Take Klungkung Water

SEMARAPURA ~ More businesses than ever are suspected of illegally tapping public water supplies in Klungkung regency, but the local government office says it does not have the resources to deal with the problem.

Operators of tourism and hospitality businesses, including villas, are suspected of illegally taking government water to meet their daily needs.

Klungkung PDAM director Made Suyastra said lack of control over the problem was damaging. “Many owners of businesses in the service industries only install water meters as a façade,” he said.

The size of many businesses indicated that their monthly water bill should be about Rp1 million (US$100) when they were paying only Rp300,000 to Rp500,000 ($30 to $50), indicating they were illegally taking water, he said.

“The Klungkung government cannot really do much to control this excessive use,” said Suyastra. ”Klungkung cannot issue or revoke a permit as the authority rests with the provincial government.”

But Klungkung people are especially disadvantaged by the illegal taking of government water in the dry season, when it is difficult to find enough clean water to meet demand, he said.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the provincial department of public works has asked for information from Klungkung on mineral and energy resources in the regency but that Klungkung claims not to have this data.

“We are still in the process of preparing,” said Klungkung government head IB Mataram, who added that management of mineral resources and energy, including electricity, was a matter for the provincial government.

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