Expat Retiree Admits Visa Breach

DENPASAR ~ A retired British-born Australian public servant pleaded guilty at the Denpasar District Court on Tuesday to operating a business in Bali in contravention of the conditions of his visa. He told the court he apologised for his actions.

Michael Hugo Elifford (69) was arrested on December 25, 2008, and charged with being in violation of article 50 of Immigration Law No. 90/2002.

Immigration Department representative Suhedi told the court Elifford is the holder of a Visa type C (319), which is intended for retirees and prohibits the holder from conducting business activities in Indonesia and which gives the holder a 12-month Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS).

The prosecution told the court that from March 2008 to December 2008, Elifford, who then lived at Jl. Tanjung No 11A, Sanur, provided villa sales and rental services to foreigners and conducted the business of delivering labour services overseas by sending five Indonesians to work in Australia.

In his defence, Elifford said he had opened a business named Fast Consulting after receiving advice from Immigration that he could conduct business providing it “did not interfere with other people.”

He then recruited three employees – Desianti Suka Asih Kurniatus, Ni Nyoman Ayu Rusmini and Wayan Merta – who were each paid a monthly salary of Rp1.5 million (US$150).

The authorities are believed to have had their attention drawn to Elifford’s activities when Desianti decided, without consulting Elifford, to create a promotional brochure that was distributed to hotels by Merta.

Elifford admitted to charging five people Rp15 million ($1,500) each to arrange for their employment in Australia.

The judge will announce Elliford’s penalty later.

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2 Responses to “Expat Retiree Admits Visa Breach”

  1. David Says:

    Elifford Case:

    1. *- Violation of Article 50 of Immigration Law N0. 90/2002
    2. *- Provided Villa Sales and rental services to foreigners
    3. *- Sending five (5) workers Oversea’s to work in Australia
    4. *- Charged 15-Million each for the job in Australia
    5. *- Open business after consultation and upon their (Bali-Immigration Officer’s advise)
    6. *- Provided Job’s to three (3) Indonesian’s and Paid them 1.5 Million/month

    Now, the 1st question is did Mr. Elifford Violated set rules for his KITAS regulation’s—Answer is YES and it can’nt be debated.

    However, those Immigration Officer or Officer’s who advised him soo, MUST be held responsible and dismissed from Immigration Services.

    Did anyone got heart from Mr. Elifford action’s: a. Providing job’s to three (3) local individuals with the salary of 1.5-million each;
    b. Did anyone got heart to get job in Australia (even they paid 15-million each)?
    c. Providing services to foreigners for rental or sales business, did he cheated anyone?

    Answer to all of the above a, b and c is NO, his action’s only assisted individuals to earn a respectable income.

    In this process, did he earned any thing, if YES than what’s wrong with it. With due respect to the (law of the land)90% business in bali is run by foreigners (one way or the other) and everyone knows, especially law inforcement agencies. So why they feel soo surprised?

    We feel its important to see and evaluate facts as they are “NOT” as we want to see it.

    1.Yes, local Judge may punish Mr. Elifford for his violation of KITAS;
    2.But Fairness demands that same judge should dismiss involved Immigration Officer/Officer’s who extended such advise to Mr. Ellifford.
    3. Put in jail three of Elifford employees who earned/enjoyed 1.5-million/month salary;
    4. Bring back five (5) individuals from austrilia and put them in jail why? because why they wanted to work oversea’s.

    Its simple to see that five individuals who went to Austrilia and three who were hired locally and above all Immigration officer who advised are as guilty as Mr. Ellifford (they made money as well.

    Justice and punishment, should not apply upon a foreighner ONLY, it should be for all.

    We further feel/believe that Mr. Elifford will be within his rigts to file a LAW SUIT against Department of Immigration Indonesia and these Officers who advised him;

    Claim all/any salaries paid to these three employee;

    And above all those five who left n are enjoying their new life in Austalia;

    Only than full justice will be served.

  2. edi sumiati Says:

    Sack all immigration officials hahahaha they’re all corrupt!

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