Leader Slams Dumping of Waste

NEGARA ~ Jembrana Vice Regent I Putuh Artha has said he is annoyed with investors who damage the environment by neglecting to dispose of waste in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The vice regent has targeted a fish-pond development near his home that may not have a waste-disposal permit, and from which waste is directly channelled to the beach.

“Now if I bathe in the sea at this beach, it is very itchy,” he said.

“I do not know if this development has permission to dispose of its waste. I have requested the information many times from the relevant agencies.”

Artha said some investors in Jembrana had no principles, did not obtain waste removal permits and did not practice conscientious removal of waste from their projects.

He also regretted that some investors had broken promises made in order to gain approval for their projects.

A common example was investor agreement, in writing, to competently repair roads damaged by vehicles transporting material to a project.

“Often the developers are negligent once the project is complete,” he said. “And sometimes if the investor provides road-improvement funds to a subcontractor, the work does not meet expectations.”

Artha hoped developers in Jembrana would regard their investment as one not only in financial gain but also in the condition of the local community.

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