Pastika to Run Procurement Management

‘Anti-Corruption Move’ Puts Public Servants Offside

DENPASAR ~ Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika has ruffled feathers throughout the provincial public service by taking direct control of tendering and procurement processes for all projects in a move to combat corruption and improve budget efficiency.

Some public servants fear the centralisation will make them redundant. “With the entire procurement process managed by the Governor, existing procurement committees in each regional work unit (SKPD) will be jobless,” said one source.

The source understood that procurement projects valued at more than Rp5 million (US$500) would be controlled by the governor while those under Rp5 million would be managed through a new procurement structure which would come under the control of the Governor.

The source said the governor had issued a decree that divided procurement of goods and services into three categories: general and other office equipment; public procurement including development funds; and electronic goods including computers and other lower-budget goods.

Provincial spokesman Putu Suardhika on Wednesday confirmed the governor would take direct control of all procurement. He said the move to bypass SKPD teams was aimed at budget efficiency and the second goal of the changes was to avoid corruption.

Suardhika said the administrative changes had been made within existing rules.

But critics compare the new structure to the police command system with which Governor Pastika is familiar as a former senior police officer. He was Bali police chief before later returning to Bali and being elected governor in August 2008.

Public servants have also queried the wisdom of implementing centralised control of projects worth hundreds of billions of rupiah (millions of dollars) and asked whether it would in fact only make corruption easier.

One disgruntled officer said: “The reason is to prevent corruption, but will it not encourage the opposite?”

Others said a single procurement team would not be able to handle the workload and centralised control would cause delays to projects.

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