It’s Not Wet; It’s Just Unusual

TUBAN ~ Bali’s recent spell of wet weather was an “unusual event” but did not mean the annual rainy season had started or would start early, weather forecasters said this week.

Skies cleared over the island midweek following days of cloudy conditions with frequent showers, some of them heavy, in the normally dry southeast breezes that blow throughout the eastern archipelago at this time of the year.

“The recent rains do not herald the start of the rainy season. It’s just a phenomenon, but a usual one,” Indra Cahyono, head of the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency’s Tuban office told The Bali Times.

Forecasters speculate that the unusual rain may be connected with the developing onset of an El Niño weather pattern, in which water temperature changes in the Pacific Ocean trigger drought conditions in Southeast Asia and Australia and above-average rains in South America.

The reverse phenomenon, La Niña, produces above-average rainfall here and drought conditions in South America.

El Niño was named for its customary time of appearance, around Christmas. It means “the Christ child.”

The good news for Bali is that forecasters are tipping mainly sunny conditions over the next seven days.

Bali’s rainy season usually starts in December and lasts until the following March.

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  1. eat pray love Says:

    I love Bali so much. Next trip I’m taking is with Spirit Quest Tours in the spring, can’t wait!

  2. Chris Says:

    Wet weather? You must be kidding! Last week I flew over the southern tip of Bali – it is dry as a crisp! Everywhere you go in Bali people speak of the water shortage and interruptions to supply. Rampant villa development is sucking up dwindling water supplies. Visit Bali now before it dries up!

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