Set Your Sights Higher, Tourism Told

DENPASAR ~ The tourism industry has been told to lift its game and raise its targets to become more competitive with key rival Malaysia in attracting international tourists.

Governor I Made Mangku Pastika said Bali’s target of two million foreign tourists in 2009 was inadequate given the island’s high international profile and Malaysia’s success – due to its competent human resources, guaranteed security and good infrastructure – in hosting 22 million foreign visitors in 2008.

Bali should aim to attract 10 million foreign tourists annually in future years.

Governor Pastika said the provincial government would restructure its tourism promotion programmes so they were more effective.

While Bali had a unique culture and natural assets including beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers that were regarded as “paradise” by the international community, the island’s tourism promotions efforts which focused on overseas exhibitions were failing.

Bali needed to produce more brochures and adopt technology to produce internet promotions. He said the industry must provide and promote accurate information on prices for tour packages so that tourists could budget for them and not assume they were too expensive because prices were unavailable.

The governor, a former police chief, was speaking at a workshop on terrorism prevention in Bali’s tourism environment last Saturday.

He named three priority areas for development on Bali – human resources, education and health.

The quality of Bali’s human resources must be improved to enhance levels of service for tourists, he said.

The security issue must also be tackled so that safety and comfort on Bali would attract more tourists, and construction of infrastructure, such as roads, should be accelerated, he said.

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