Aerosmith Turmoil Amid Tyler ‘Quit’

LOS ANGELES ~ The future of US supergroup Aero-smith was shrouded in uncertainty this week after unconfirmed reports that flamboyant frontman Steven Tyler had quit the band.

Tyler, 61, indicated he was parting company with the band after more than three decades in a recent interview with British music magazine Classic Rock.

“I don’t know what I’m doing yet,” Tyler said. “But it’s definitely going to be something Steven Tyler: working on the brand of myself – Brand Tyler.”

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry fueled the quit rumours after telling the Las Vegas Sun newspaper in an interview that the frontman had left the band after a recent concert in Abu Dhabi.

“Steven quit as far as I can tell,” Perry told paper. “I don’t know anymore than you do about it.”

Perry said Tyler had “had no contact with me or the other band members” over the issue and attempts to contact the singer had been unsuccessful. Perry said Tyler had not returned his phone calls.

“He’s notorious for that,” Perry told The Sun. “That’s one thing I’ve learned to live with. I try to overlook it.”

Despite Tyler’s departure, Aerosmith would continue, Perry said.

“Aerosmith is such a powerful band, I mean it’s like a steam locomotive. You just can’t disregard 40 years of four guys who play together as well as they do. We’re just trying to – at least I am – trying to figure out what direction the band should take,” he said.

“As far as replacing Steve, it’s not just about that. It’s also four guys that play extremely well together, and I’m not going to see that go to waste.”

The developments come after a troubled year for Aerosmith. The band were forced to cancel several US concerts on their world tour after Tyler fell from the stage at a gig in South Dakota in August, suffering injuries to his head, neck and shoulders.

The group recovered to play concerts in Hawaii and Abu Dhabi before news that Tyler had quit the group surfaced.

Perry said he was dismayed to hear of Tyler’s departure via the internet, saying he suspected the singer had been planning to quit “for a long time.”

“To disregard his brothers to the point where we have to find out about it on the internet – it’s like, ‘See you later, Bud.’

“I still care for him as a person, or at least the person I used to know. But things change,” he said.

Tyler is one of the founding members of Aerosmith, one of the world’s most prolific bands and responsible for hits including Walk This Way, Sweet Emotion and Back in the Saddle.

The singer’s daughter is Lord of the Rings actress Liv Tyler.

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