Julia Says ‘Bye’

TUBAN ~ Hollywood Oscar-winner Julia Roberts was spotted at Ngurah Rai International Airport on Monday, escorting her children Hazel and Phinnaeus to a flight while she remains on Bali  to complete filming of Eat, Pray, Love, partly set in Bali and based on the bestselling novel of the same name.

Roberts’ co-star in the Bali sector of the movie (which also is set in Italy and India), Javier Bardem, only a week ago said farewell to his partner, Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz, with whom he had spent time out on Bali’s famed beaches.

The film crew has described Bali as the most romantic place in the world.

Filming on Bali has been concentrated around Ubud in Gianyar and the beaches of the Bukit in Bali’s south, but on Wednesday the crew gave the people of Selemadeg in Tabanan a closer but still distant slice of the action when they set up on Bebali beach at Berembeg.

From a distance of 1.5km, police and security personnel prevented public access to the black sand beach. One security guard said he couldn’t even reveal the exact location of the day’s film shoot.

“Maaf, kami tidak tahu, tugas kami hanya mensterilkan daerah ini,” jelasnya singkat. “Sorry, we do not know, our task is only to sterilise this area,” he said.Ia juga mengaku tidak tahu berapa lama dirinya ditugaskan untuk mensterilkan areal Pantai Bebali.

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