Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2009

Road Blocked in Bukit Protest

PECATU ~ Local people angry over truck traffic to new developments and new power lines taking power to beyond the village when people were still waiting for connection themselves blocked the Balangan road at Cengiling this week, putting local politicians offside.

Badung legislature’s commission B chairman Putu Parwata called police and ordered that the roadblock be removed. “This is a public road,” he told protesters.

Green Gong

JAKARTA ~ Buleleng regency is one of 11 districts throughout Indonesia to be honoured with a national Raksaniyata green award for its efforts to preserve its forest vegetation cover.

Most of the West Bali National Park is in Buleleng where authorities operate ongoing surveillance to protect the forest from illegal loggers and other intrusions.

“The award is given to districts that have been successful in keeping their forest areas intact, considering that 30 percent of the areas should be green,” said national environment minister Muhammad Hatta.

The minister urged all regions in Indonesia to follow the example of the winning districts.

$10,000 Temple Theft

DENPASAR ~ Local people raised a hue and cry when stored goods valued at Rp 100 million (US$10,000) had been stolen from a temple in Jl Kemuda at Penculuk Indah, Denpasar. The artefacts included sacred statues, ceremonial swords and other valuable Hindu ceremonial items.

Police called to the scene, last weekend, checked for fingerprints but sniffer dogs from the Bali Police K9 unit failed to trace a scent because the thieves apparently had left more than 12 hours before the dogs arrived.

Raid Nets Loggers

SINGARAJA ~ Buleleng Police have arrested three people, one of them a 15-year-old boy, for suspected illegal logging in forests in the Pemuteran area of West Buleleng.

Gerokgak Police arrested Budi Rawan, 15, Samsudin, 46, and Abdul Wahid, 44, after a raid on a house at Sendag Pasir, Dusun, uncovered at least 16 species of rosewood and a motorbike used to transport the timber.

Police spokesman Nyoman Kartika said the suspects had no permits to log. Two other men – Hapid, 35, and Husain, 25 – are helping police with inquiries.

Books for the People

DENPASAR~ City residents are now able to borrow reading material from a mobile library which will move between key public places in Denpasar on Saturdays.

The Bookmobile project was designed by the city government to encourage reading and to make books more accessible. The mobile library will move between city locations including Puputan Square and Niti Mandala Square in Renon, the Lumintang square/park and Jl Kamboia in Pendestrian.

The city government has appealed for donations of books to boost the library.

Settlers Sign Up

GIANYAR ~ Nine unregistered settlers who had failed to obtain temporary resident documents, failed to report to the authorities, and had ignored an earlier warning to do so, have now had a second round of counselling with police and taken steps to comply with registration requirements.

The nine, all of whom live in the Candibaru area of Gianyar, were rounded up for their second counselling session last Thursday, a week after they failed to respond to instructions on compliance.

One man said he had not registered because someone had told him it would cost Rp500,000 (US$50) to obtain the required documents.

Jailed Policeman Sacked

SEMARAPURA ~ A policeman convicted and jailed for six months by the Jembrana District Court on theft and illegal logging charges has been sacked following a police ethics commission hearing held in Semarapura.

Putu Adiguna, a married junior ranking police officer whose wife was in hysterics after the hearing, was told he would be sacked under the dismissal with no respect rule.

Klungkung Police chief Ketut Sadra Antara said: “We have also got a lot of complaints related to his behaviour and it has really been tarnishing the image of the police.”

Police regulations state that a member of the police sentenced to jail for three months or more must be dismissed.

Caught in the Act

NEGARA ~ Police arrested a man they found preparing to use shabu-shabu (cannabis) in his house on Jl Waturenggong in Batuagung, Jembrana, following a tip-off.

They seized a pipe for smoking cannabis and a lighter and if laboratory tests confirm two packages seized by police contain cannabis, the man could be jailed for up to five years.

Jembrana Police chief Ahmad Nurwakhid urged local people to tell police if they knew of drug abuse in their neighbourhoods.

High Seas Alert

JAKARTA ~ High seas and heavy rain are on the cards for South Bali in December, January and February, national weather forecasters say. They warned that the onset of the monsoon accompanied by high winds could generate ocean swells of up to 4m.

Forecasters said long-range predictions were for very heavy rain in Bali and much of the archipelago in January and February.

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