December 11-17, 2009

2 Whales Saved but Infant Dies

TABANAN ~ Local people saved two of four protected short-finned pilot whales that beached themselves near Tanah Lot temple in Tabanan on Saturday but a third baby whale died and a fourth was given a slim chance of survival.

District Fisheries and Maritime chief Nyoman Wirna Ariwangsa said the 2-4m whales, each weighing up to half a tonne, had beached themselves 300m apart along Nyanyi Beach and were weak with wounds probably sustained when they became entangled in fishing nets.

“We can only suggest the fishermen let go if they feel something strange in their fishing net,” he said. “At least by doing this, they can save the whales.”

Riot Police Quell Land Row

SINGARAJA ~ Two platoons of riot police were called in to control crowds resisting the demolition of nine homes on 2.6 hectares of disputed land near the airstrip at Gerokgak in Buleleng this week. Nine people were arrested.

Police with shields and clubs eventually forced the protestors to clear the Singaraja-Gilimanuk road and clear out their houses. They were allowed to remain to watch the demolition of their homes, on Wednesday, which followed a court ruling on November 23.

Regent Orders Building Clamp

SEMARAPURA ~ Klungkung Regent Wayan Candra has told regency officials to clamp down on unauthorised building, especially on the Sanur-Kusamba bypass, where there is a spate of development believed to be in violation of building regulations.

Candra said construction must be halted on any development whose owner could not show a finalised building permit (IMB).

Irish Man, 26, Killed

DENPASAR ~ A 26-year-old Irish man died this week when his motorbike hit a frangipani tree near the Blue Eyes karaoke venue on Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai, Kuta.

Police named him as Ferrero Ocher, who had been staying at the Hotel Beneyasa, Kuta. They said he broke his neck in the crash at 4.45am on Monday. They have impounded the motorbike for investigation.

Teachers Lose Rp1.4bn

SINGARAJA ~ Fifty-two teachers have reported a colleague at Singaraja Senior High School 4 to Buleleng Police for allegedly embezzling Rp1.4 billion (US$140,000) of their savings.

Ketut Sukrana, 55, of Sangsit village in Sawan, who has been a coach at the school for four years, was reported by Nyoman Naweg, 46, and 51 other teachers after failed attempts to resolve the matter.

Villa Guest Robbed

CANGGU ~ A British tourist lost a credit card and Rp2.5 million (US$250) when thieves stole a bag from an unlocked Canggu villa last weekend. Police named the tourist as Andria Metius, 52.

The said two thieves went to the villa on a motorbike and stole a purse from inside the bag, which was left the living room while the woman was in her bathroom.

She reported the theft to Badung Police when she discovered that her purse was missing.

“The door was not locked and the perpetrators went straight into the villa where the victim was staying,” a Badung Policeman said.

Rule One: Turn Up

SINGARAJA ~ Hundreds of prospective applicants for Buleleng civil service positions failed to pass the basic entry level written test held at 11 schools last Sunday.

Regency spokesman Gede Gunawan said of 6,512 applicants, four failed on age grounds and 529 automatically failed because they did not turn to sit the test, held a week after initial assessment of applicants was done and they were advised when and where to take the written test.

He said some of the missing candidates may have sat the test in other regencies.

City Rakes in Cash

DENPASAR ~ Forecast city revenues from hotel and restaurant levies for the full year had been exceeded by the end of October, the Denpasar Tourism Office said last weekend.

It reported total revenue collections of Rp85 billion (US$8.5 million) by October 31, against a budget forecast of Rp84 billion ($8.4 million) for 2009, made up of anticipated revenue of Rp62 billion ($6.2 million) from hotels and Rp21 billion ($2.1 million) from restaurants.

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