From the perspective of Francisco Javier Bernal, 45, the owner of a boutique in Seminyak who comes from Madrid, Spain.

What are we here for?

To develop a philosophy that will explain our existence. To be able to understand why we’re really here.

Do you believe in the Big Bang theory that the circa-13.7-billion-year-old universe and all that’s in it was created by a massive explosion of enormously dense matter at what may have been the beginning of time?

That’s the best scientific answer to existence. I believe it’s better than Darwin’s theory of evolution.

If there is a God, where is he?

I believe there’s a God in your mind and in your heart. There’s an energy I feel, especially when I wake up in the morning. I believe we’re all gods, that we can create our own lives. If your mind thinks openly, there are no limits.

Is there a mystery to life?

The fact that a woman and a man can procreate or that life is eternal is a mystery. Life itself is a big mystery.

Do you think we’re alone in the universe?

It’s impossible. Last week they discovered it is very likely that the outer fringes of our solar system may contain planets the size of the Earth. The universe is infinite, so it would be absurd to think that we’re alone in it.

There is a theory that there may be parallel universes with exact copies of us – doppelgangers – doing exactly the same thing as us right now. What do you think about that?

That’s definitely right. It’s the fourth dimension. We’re not far from confirming this theory.

What do you think happens to people when they die?

They just go into a different reality. Our physical part can die but our mind will exist forever.

Where is your soul and what is it?

It’s a difficult term to define. The soul has something to do with the mind but we can’t really prove it exists. I don’t know where it is.

Science says that all matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore, will our energy, in the form of our soul, live on for infinity?

Energy is always there. It just changes its form, but it’s something that will be there infinitely.

Do you know your place in the universe?

I wish I did. I feel completely lost. But we’re all part of an evolution that will take us back to our origins.

Some people believe that because we are made of the same matter as the universe – carbon, and other elements, like nitrogen – anything we ask it will be attracted to us, popularised recently in the movie The Secret. What’s your view?

Certainly. What you agree with and truly want will be attracted to you.
I’m happy because I synchronise my mind to be happy.

Are we being observed?

It would be egocentric to think we’re alone, but assuming that another civilization is technologically advanced to observe us sounds like science fiction to me.

If there is a God, why does he allow such colossal suffering of people on earth, either through war, disease or natural disasters?

I have a Buddhist concept of God. There are different stages in evolution and each person is at a different stage. Because there are different stages, there are different tests at each level. We have to learn from these tests in order to continue evolving.


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