Aussie Socks-Drugs Man Owns Up: It Was Mine

LEGIAN ~ Australian trade union heavyweight Robert McJannett, 48, arrested at Bali airport on December 29 when officials found 2 grams of marijuana in socks in his baggage, admitted this week that the drugs were his.

He signed a police statement to this effect.

Earlier he denied the drugs were his and claimed he might have been set up by opponents in the powerful Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.

McJannett was transferred to Kerobokan Prison following his admission that the drugs were his. He could be jailed for up to 12 years.

He had arrived on a Virgin Blue flight from Perth with his 21-year-old son – who has now returned home – and was arrested when the marijuana was found in his baggage.

This week he told the Australian media his mind, body and family were falling apart.

Two hours before his move to the prison where Schapelle Corby is jailed, he said: “There is a prospect of a long jail sentence from which I will not be released for some time and it is terrifying the hell out of me.”

Members of the Australian “Bali Nine” drug group are also imprisoned in the jail.

McJannett was a candidate for assistant secretary at the past two Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union elections – losing in vitriolic campaigns to incumbent and long-time union heavyweight Joe McDonald.

He said this week: “Of course (the CFMEU’s West Australian branch is) not helping, because they hate my guts. I’m doing the usual deals with the lawyers.”

After his arrest last week McJannett reportedly accused union officials of setting him up.

But McDonald said he had not yet heard from McJannett or his lawyers but that funding McJannett’s defence from union coffers was unlikely to happen.

“There’s nothing personal whatsoever,” McDonald said. “It’s not a union issue. He’d need to write to the union and then it would be considered by the executive.”

McJannett said he had initially planned to holiday in Phuket rather than Bali but could not get a flight.

He complained to the Australian media that he had been confined mostly in a hot cell, with only short periods of respite in an air-conditioned room.

“There are smokers everywhere and every time I’m exposed to that it aggravates my asthma,” he said. “They’ve confiscated my medication, my antibiotics. I’ve got a rotten tooth and an ear infection.”

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    Keep Corby in your jail! Our courts here in Australia are WEAK!!

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