Bali Police Hold Fugitive Australian Drug Charge Man

KUTA ~ Police have arrested two men and are looking for two others after the latest assault at high-profile businessman Kadek Wiranatha’s Jl Legian Bounty Discotheque.

Two Australian visitors, a man and a woman who told The Bali Times they did not want their names published, were bashed there in an incident on January 7.

The assault, the latest in a string of affrays at the Bounty Discotheque next to another Wiranatha enterprise, the reborn Paddy Club, led to a Facebook group being formed by Newcastle, Australia, woman Jennifer Philp, calling for the Bounty to be closed until it can be made safe.

In April last year a New Zealand tourist, Sean Headifen, 23, died after being assaulted by security personnel at the Bounty when he became involved in an argument with a barman who threw a glass at him.

He died in his hotel room several hours after the assault. Six men were arrested and charged. The barman, Nengah Mustika, was jailed for six months.

Police this week named those arrested as Martha Aris Cindra Sandias, 23, of Jl Mataram, Legian, and Gede Gunartha Haniu, known as Gus, 22, of Kelotan in Suwung, Buleleng.

They said they would also like two witnesses, Arif Wijaksono, 22, and I Putu Jawanda, 36, of Denpasar, to come forward to give statements.

“They only need to make statements because they were not involved in the beatings,” a police spokesman said.

The two still being sought were named by police this week as Mago, from Ambon, and Leo.

The two injured Australians, who were later treated at BIMC, went to the Bounty at 3am on Thursday, when it was crowded with tourists. Police said the venue was noisy and many of the patrons were drunk.

During a disturbance the Australians were hit with a bottle and a chair, then kicked and beaten.

Police said rings, necklaces and two mobile phones were stolen during the incident, but the thief is unknown.

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