From the perspective of Ketut Johnny, 51, a woodcarver who owns a stand at Sanur Beach and is from Keliki, Gianyar.

What are we here for?
To love the living beings in the planet, not just the people but also animals and vegetation.

Do you believe in the Big Bang theory that the circa-13.7-billion-year-old universe and all that’s in it was created by a massive explosion of enormously dense matter at what may have been the beginning of time?

No, I don’t.

If there is a God, where is he?

He’s in the air, everywhere. I can feel him, but I can’t see him.

Is there a mystery to life?

No, there isn’t.

Do you think we’re alone in the universe?
I don’t think we’re alone but I can’t be sure that we aren’t either.

There is a theory that there may be parallel universes with exact copies of us – doppelgangers – doing exactly the same thing as us right now. What do you think about that?
It could be true.

What do you think happens to people when they die?

I believe in karma. It depends what they do in this life. When someone does something bad, then his or her karma will be bad.

Where is your soul and what is it?
My soul is my heart.

Science says that all matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore, will our energy, in the form of our soul, live on for infinity?
Yes, it will live on forever.

Do you know your place in the universe?
No, I don’t.

Some people believe that because we are made of the same matter as the universe – carbon, and other elements, like nitrogen – anything we ask it will be attracted to us, popularised recently in the movie The Secret. What’s your view?

Absolutely. Every morning I do my offerings and try to attract good things.

Are we being observed?
I believe 100 percent that God is observing us.

If there is a God, why does he allow such colossal suffering of people on earth, either through war, disease or natural disasters?
It’s karma. When you do something wrong it comes back to you.

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