St. Regis’ ‘English’ Butlers Spark Row

The Bali Times

THE St. Regis hotel chain stayed silent this week in the face of a growing row over the practice at its Bali property at Nusa Dua of giving Balinese and other Indonesian butlers at the plush resort hotel English names to make guests feel more comfortable.

The row broke following comments – made anonymously – by St. Regis employees. The Bali Times’ front-page report last week, in which spiritual adviser Anand Krishna strongly criticised the practice, has angered readers. Krishna writes a weekly column for The Bali Times.

Online feedback comment has been fierce.

One reader from Bali, Putu Harumini Waras, wrote: “What a shame for a world-class hotel whose pocket becomes thicker and thicker due to Bali, but doesn’t understand its culture.”

Another, Aisanya Wibhuti, said: “What a shame on St. Regis! They had better not open any hotels outside England if they want to have all English butlers in the first place. It is such harassment.”

A reader from Canada said this: “Yes, this is an outrage. I do not take people to Bali on yearly spiritual journeys just to have a Balinese with a Western name. We go there for the reality, the spiritually, the grace of Bali. Bravo The Bali Times and Anand Krishna for making us aware of this rubbish.”

Attempts by The Bali Times to obtain comment from St. Regis locally and through its corporate headquarters in New York went unanswered this week.

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2 Responses to “St. Regis’ ‘English’ Butlers Spark Row”

  1. Marhento Says:

    St.Regis Hotel must realize that richness of Bali is its uniquely. So it must be kept properly. Foreigner visit Bali because of its unique. They are very interested in indigenous Bali not other
    I’m quite sure that foreigner come to Bali just for Bali itself. They won’t visit because of mall or golf resort. If they do so, they are able to go another place. Meaning that Bali must be kept its originality.
    It seems better to do, not develope any more mall. Be original and it will attract more tourims….

  2. nino graciano Says:

    Agree!! we come to bali to see the culture of bali, the beauty of bali, the names of bali.!! Thanks to Mr. Anand Krishna and everybody who speaks up about this!

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