Beach Erosion Puts Key Highway at Risk

The Bali Times

COASTAL residents in Gianyar have warned abrasion in the Lebih area is claiming up to 7 metres of beach a year and will soon undermine the new bypass road that runs close to the beach.

Lebih resident Jero Mangku Wayan Gede Batur, 57, said long-term measuring had shown abrasion south of Lebih was running at 7 metres a year.

The new Sanur-Kusamba road, Jl Bypass Prof IB Mantra, would quickly become destabilised and dangerous if the abrasion was not immediately arrested and corrected, he said.

He urged the government to take countermeasures before the coastal village was claimed by the sea.

Gianyar Public Works head Nyoman Nuadi said reporting and coordination with the Provincial Government had so far resulted in reduced abrasion on about 200 metres of the eastern beach.

“Sooner or later” further reductions would be achieved but budgets were insufficient to deal with the high levels of beach abrasion on Bali, he said.

Locals attribute the severity of abrasion around Lebih to several factors, including stronger ocean currents following the partial reclamation of Serangan Island in Benoa Harbour where only sand and dirt, rather than rocks, provide a buffer to the waves and encourage erosion at high tide.

Also, the Lebih area is subject to wet-season activity from three rivers whose waters flood the estuary to the coast and cause erosion, villagers say.

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