Police Shoot 5 Robbers on the Run



BALI Police shot and wounded five members of a crime gang after they tried to escape when police closed in and began to arrest them for systematically burgling the empty homes of foreigners on Bali.

All five men, from Palembang in South Sumatra, were shot in the leg.

“They were attempting to escape and we decided to shoot them,” said Sen. Cmdr. Gede Alit Widana last Friday. “Their main targets are foreign tourists.”

Widana said four suspects were arrested trying to board a Batavia Air flight at Ngurah Rai airport on Wednesday, February 3, and the fifth was arrested in Kuta earlier.

The men told police they had been in Bali for only three days during which they had robbed seven houses, mostly lived in by foreigners.

The men arrived at a target home in daylight and broke in if they found the house was empty.

Police confiscated a car and three motorbikes plus jewellery, cash and electronics worth Rp1 billion (US$106,236).

Rice Crop Hit


HUNDREDS of hectares of farmland in drought-prone Gianyar regency are going dry due to a poorly maintained irrigation tunnel, and local people are trying to fund repair work out of their own pockets.

The three-kilometre tunnel, which carries water from the Ayung River to four irrigation networks in Payangan district, is supposed to supply 370 hectares of prime agricultural land, but local farmers complain that leakage has led to greatly reduced harvests.

Ketut Gunarta, head of the irrigation network in Buahan, one of the affected villages, said that more than 60 percent of the water that enters the tunnel is lost.  “The damage is due to the age of the tunnel,” he said.

The 552 members of the four affected irrigation organisations have already contributed as much as Rp500,000 (US$53) each to the fund, but with the new tunnel expected to cost Rp550,000 per metre there is still a deficit.

“We’re still Rp600 million ($64,000) short of what we need to build this new tunnel, and to get our fields properly irrigated again,” said Mudiarta.

Cow Killed in Motorbike Accident


A JIMBARAN man was taken to hospital after he hit a wandering cow while riding his motorbike last Saturday. Kukuh Eko Priyono, 35, was travelling along Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai in the early hours of the morning when he struck the cow, which had strayed into the road, one of Bali’s busiest. Priyono was thrown from his bike and received serious head injuries.

He was taken to the nearby Bali International Medical Centre, a private hospital aimed at tourists and expats, but was later transferred to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar where he received surgery on his head wounds.

The cow did not survive.

The Bali Times

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