Life Sentence for Bali Reporter Murder

The Bali Times

I NYOMAN SUSRAMA, brother of the regent of Bangli, was sentenced to life in prison on Monday for the murder of journalist Anak Agung Narendra Prabangsa.

“The defendant was proven legally and convincingly to have committed the crime of premeditated murder,” said presiding judge Djumain.

Prabangsa was beaten to death at Susrama’s home on February 11 2009. The court found that the killing was motivated by articles written by Prabangsa in the Radar Bali newspaper in which he alleged that Susrama, a building contractor, had inflated the cost of school construction projects in Bangli.

The panel of judges at the Denpasar District Court found that Susrama had ordered eight other men to kidnap and kill the journalist, whose body was then dumped in the sea.

“What he did was very cruel, intolerant and did not use common sense,” said Djumain in his summary.

Prosecutors had called for the death sentence in the case. Susrama maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

“I swear to God that I did not commit the murder,” he told the court, adding that he would appeal the verdict.

After sentencing Susrama’s lawyer, Sugeng Teguh Santosa, also insisted that his client was innocent. “The journalistic community should be concerned that, actually, the real perpetrators are still out there,” he said.

In separate trials on Monday, I Komang Gede was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his role in the murder, while Bagus Adnyana Narbawa, received a five-year sentence. Both men say they will appeal.

On Tuesday, two men – Nyoman Wiradnyana alias Rencana and Komang Gede Wardhana alias Mangde – received 20-year sentences for helping carry out the murder. Prosecutors had sought the death penalty. The pair said they would appeal.

Another two men received eight-year sentences for their role in the killing. Gede Mulia and Wayan Suecita were found to have taken part in the brutal beating of Prabangsa, and in the disposal of his body, but had not been involved in planning the murder.

Two other men are awaiting sentencing.

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  1. bob bali Says:

    rofl… he’ll be out in a few years after he pays the family of the murdered reporter off. He’ll play it smart and keep quite and noone will hear about his release! if it was a conspiracy then his cohorts will cough up the cash for him. The Law of the jungle 😉

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