New Phone Is Cell-dom Heard in Oz

The Bali Times

SAMSUNG’S latest line of mobile phones will need a rebrand for the Australian market: the hi-tech gadget shares a name with Australia’s most famous drug smuggler and inmate of Bali’s Kerobokan prison.

The Corby Pro and Corby Txt – already being marketed in Indonesia – are part of Samsung’s 2010 range, but the company’s Australian executives spotted the problem immediately.

“As soon as we heard that name we knew right away we couldn’t use it,” said Tyler McGee, Vice President of Telecommunications for Samsung Australia.

In Australia – and in Bali for that matter – the name prompts instant associations with high-profile prisoner Schapelle Corby, currently serving a 20-year stretch in Kerobokan for marijuana smuggling.

“For obvious reasons we will not be calling the Corby by that name,” said McGee, adding that for any Australian release the phones would be known by their model numbers – or should that be prisoner numbers?

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