Spiritual Guru Files Complaint against Abuse Accusers

The Bali Times

HIGH-PROFILE spiritual leader Anand Krishna filed a slander complaint with Jakarta Police this week against two women who have accused him of sexual abuse.

He has also asked police in the capital for legal protection against “character assassination and defamation.”

Krishna, who writes a weekly column in this newspaper, said he had no other option but to protect his name and reputation.

“What they are saying is lies; there are other elements behind them,” he told The Bali Times.

A former student and an ex-employee – Tara Laksmi and Sumidah, respectively – reported to the National Commission for Women (Komnas Perempuan) late last week that they had been sexually abused by Krishna.

Laksmi followed up her complained with police in the capital on Monday this week. She alleges that she was hypnotised and sexually assaulted by Krishna, who denies the allegation.

Her lawyer Agung Martauch told reporters: Anand “is accused by us of obscenity against someone who was defenceless.”

He said the alleged abused took place in May last year.

Krishna, however, said nothing untoward happened.

“I don’t do hypnotherapy and all meditation sessions are in group or in the open. So it’s not possible that the allegations can be true,” he said.

Krishna, who runs meditation centres throughout the country, including in Bali, claims he is being targeted by groups who are opposed to his outspoken views on national subjects, including a review currently before the Constitutional Court on religious freedoms.

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48 Responses to “Spiritual Guru Files Complaint against Abuse Accusers”

  1. Raja Says:

    Finally some view from Krishna, after all media in Indonesia seems to blow up (only) issues in Tara side. For example, I watched news in one of TV in Indonesia, they gave Tara’s group couple of sessions in the news, while Krishna’s side only given one session. That’s just not right, and very shameful for a media to take side in this case. Thanks Bali Times. Keep up the fair-view.

  2. Jody Says:

    The accused is very weak and doesn’t have solid ground in the perspective of law. It’s been very clear that the case is made to distract people from the real case like century case, bakrie’s case, etc. I personally admire what Mr. Anand Krishna did to the betterment of our nation and the world. Keep the spirit! The truth will prevail!

  3. Haryadi Says:

    “Bad news is good news” is just what happened in Anand Krishna’s case. Press acts as a judge and forget “perception of innocence” and also “cover both side” principle. How can the media that never say anything about Anand Krishna and his achievement, just blow up everything about this case?
    Don’t repeat the same mistake that we’ve done to Michael Jackson! And please pay attention to Draft of Minister Regulation about Multimedia!

  4. Domi Agastya Says:

    For Local media it’s time to dishonor a Spiritual Guru.. and some of them like to consume it? just for sensation? How could media spread unproven thing like that. What if someday this case is never happen.. Would media restore Mr. Krishna’s name? Or they will use this as a distraction from major issues? Hope the right thing can be done in this case..

  5. I Nyoman Dadi Erirahana Says:

    I Luv U FULL My Great Guru…and We are always on behind You…Universe Bless U Guru Anand 🙂

  6. putu k. Says:

    I believe that Bapak were right and I hope you are blessed..
    Jay Guru Dev.

  7. Christy Says:

    Well, if Krishna hypnotized the victims, i’m perfectly sure that they will still be there, in their ashram. And i think if you hv seen them on tv, they way they answer the questions and day by day they change the topic, etc…you can see what kind of person they are.

    Thank’s a lot Bali Times, i really2 appreciate this news from you, this few days the media seems unfair..but Bali Times hv a courage and pure heart to publish the truth…bravo!!!

  8. Putu Harumini Waras Says:

    Congratulation Bali Times. This is an example of balanced news. TV One should learn from Bali Times how a mass media/press should act in accordance of an issue. TV one had set up all its exposures about AK’s case in the benefit of certain party. Those who had watched the talk shows lately would understand what an imbalanced news they presented us….

  9. Hento Says:

    What Mr. Anand Krishna said is quite correct. He did not do hypnotheraphy. I very often come to his meditation class. It is in group or in open situation.
    Thanks to The Bali Times that has already given special column for his opinion. His opinion make realize that I am able to be proud of being Indonesian and keep my Indonesia from being robbed by those greedy people..
    Keep on writing Mr. Anand Krishna on The Bali Times…

  10. Tira Winata Says:

    Unlike TV One I wacthed yesterday, Bali Times reported this case with courtesy and balanced. Bravo!

  11. Icha Says:

    With all due respect, I’ve known Mr. Krishna since 1994. And for the last 16 years (and that is a LONG time if you ask me…) he never disrespected or mistreated me. Despite me living in Australia now for my study, he always finds time to say drop an email just to say hi and share news.

    If anything, in addition to placing women at the highest pedestal as Shaktis or the holders of Feminine Energy, Mr. Anand Krishna is someone who always reminds me and my friends to believe in ourselves. To believe in the Light within us.

    And they say that this person, who has been helping me throughout countless dark episodes of my life… harassed his employees/students?

    I’d say to them, please, look within. If you disagree with Mr. Krishna, say so openly, but in a fair and respectful manner. As grown ups discussing disagreements. This is a free country after all, isn’t it? But don’t cheat by defaming his name and undermining all the great things he has accomplished for Indonesia and the world. That is unjust and disrespectful to the truth, and the media who supports such dishonest efforts should be ashamed of themselves.

    So, I thank you Bali Times for being balanced in your coverage. We need more and more fair-minded media like you.

  12. Nyoman Sri Says:

    I truly believe there are other elements behind them. We can see from how the issue enforced into public.
    I stand upon my inner voice. What Mr Anand Krishna have done, his vision, lead me to my inner voice.
    Dear Readers, listen o your inner voice.

  13. Sekarsari Says:

    Bali Times, you’ve done your job very well.For the first time since this case was blew up I got informed from AK side. I was fed up with the news exposed repetitively by a certain media lately. So rude and unfair…..
    Congratulation for BT…..keep it up. Thanks

  14. Afni Says:

    This media is not impartial and preach this case different from the side and not have interests beyond the case of Mr. Anand Krishna. I believe that the case was thrown to the public other purpose. Because I saw so vocal you saw Anand in the Indonesian nation state. And in view of all the activities that Mr. Anand created very nationalistic impulses of the people who consider themselves descendants of native Indonesia. If I personally think there are riding them to silence the voice of Mr. Anand Krishna, maybe they feel threatened by the presence of an Anand Krishna.

    Him taught me to climb into ourselves and do not look for something outside themselves. That’s all the books him wrote.

  15. Tara Raviyoga Says:

    My parent will not allowed me to read or watch gossip media, but from some talks I knew that TV was not fond of mr. Anand Krishna. I asked mother is there any media that dare to expose some different perspective about the case ? Why they always expose the “victim” ? Where is mr. Krishna ?
    I found the answer today. As a youth I proud of you Bali Times. When I grow up I wish I could be one or your team….

  16. hadi susanto Says:


  17. Liny Says:

    within these few days, feel sad to read some newspaper, magazines and televisions about the reports of Anand Krishna are not strongly approved to be true. especially last night obviously its not fair from TV one to friends of Anand.
    I think they have to learn from The bali times, appeared news in balance..thank you the bali times.

  18. Ambika Says:

    I’ve seen a lot in TV about pak Anand being accused for sexual abuse.With a very minimum proof – almost nothing – the accusers could show up in TV so many times. Only Bali Times that provided the public with a fair and balance report. I am a Balinesse youth living in Bali, I am proud of you Bali Times, as well as I am proud of Pak Anand.Congrats!

  19. Suratman Says:

    A Very proposional news. Good angle. Should be an example on balance reporting to other news online.
    Bravo Bali Times. Keep it up.

  20. Yanti S Says:

    Yesterday afternoon I watched TV-One, and saw that this particular TV should learn a lot from Bali Times about good journalistic is. They should learn a lot. Thank you Bali Times for putting a good example.

  21. Andry jain Says:

    This is all really only rumors. based on how they practice the meditation such us LOCATION – Always in an open space, how can Anand Krishna do it? and is it possible for some one to hypnotize large amount of people ( in one class can contain 30 or more peoples)in such a long period? i don’t think so. I think people came to the place it is because of the benefits they received, not by anything else

  22. Sani Satyayoga Says:

    I am fans of Mr. Anand Krishna. What showed on TV lately was a fake. Thank you Bali Times for your article. Bravo

  23. Ray Suwana Says:

    im proud of You Mr. Anand Krishna.
    whaterever happened to You..You said that LOVE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.
    You are the one who realy care and love Bali and Indonesia..
    This Nation Loved You Sir..

  24. dek kastawan Says:

    thank you bali times already lowered balanced coverage, here’s how the media should have reported any problems in that there is in society…

  25. made arya Says:

    Indonesian jurnalism must learn more from Bali times, how to make a balance news, how to enlightment society, not to judge people without evidence… bravo Bali times

  26. Herma Says:

    ‘m Tired of watching it from reporting the story was not consistent story today talking about another speech tomorrow. Why the media did not find any further news from the people who are still active in the hermitage Anand Krishna, do not favor continuing the story maker. Hopefully more media seeking the truth rather than justification of the story they exaggerate. I am concerned about the destruction of both Anand Krishna’s name, but without hard evidence. Hopefully Mr. Anand Krishna can continue to work

  27. fatin Says:

    Finally there’s a media that can give balance information for this case. I hope TVOne and other media should learn from Bali Time. Let the truth arise from here..the island of the God..trough you Bali Time..this land and their people will bless you..

  28. Rudi Says:

    Make a reply broadcast news media without the facts and the evidence is clear, you should not make a big issue and directing public opinion to the story that there was no evidence. Therefore the situation escalating danger. Mr. Anand Krishna kept the spirit, we all know the story there is no truth.

  29. kurnia Says:

    Question from many person who watch this lately news : “Who is Anand Krishna? Is he an important person? I never heard about him before…” This proves the lack of news about his achievement… but not from Bali Times. Thank you Bali Times..

  30. nelly Says:

    i practice meditation in Anand Krishna Center, Bapak Anand only come in a group session (more than 30 peoples) and this is the truth. The victim is just a liar. thanks Bali Times

  31. Liehwa Says:

    Thank you for The Bali Times for this we wait for a fair coverage. rather than mere gossip. The Bali Times has provided clarification of this case challenge. Mr. Anand Krishna is the victim of a unilateral proclamation without any evidence other than allegations.

  32. mang fera Says:

    Thank you so much The Bali Times to keep your idealism as a media, which always try to make and present a cover both side news to your readers. So that, they won’t be astray.
    A journalist have to present a fact. I’ve been seen most of mass media in Indonesia, esp TV can’t maintain their independence coz they just serve market demands and the owner. Example TV One, though they recruited the best presenter,anchor,&employers of all TV stations in Indonesia, poor of them can’t follow their inner voice, coz you know who’s the owner!!!
    So keep your idealism the Bali Times!!!
    Thank You

  33. Lie Says:

    Have you ever read and learnt what bapak Anand write in his so many books and media like The Bali Times? Have you ever listen and feel his teaching? if you already do you will know all just about truth and consciousness. so do not doubt to support Bapak Anand. He must be on the right side. Bravo for The Bali Times

  34. Ayu Sri Mahayani Says:

    Thank you Bali Times for this positive coverage. Among all the sensational news outside, this news is truly a water spring in the desert! I am very proud to share my testimony during my participation in Anand Ashram. His teachings, his methods, his books, has shaped me into a cheerful, easy going, open minded human being.

  35. Wija Says:

    Watching shows on TV, on reports of two women who accused Mr. Anand Krishna of sexual harassment, it does not make sense. My impressions of this case is very boring and not educate at all. But only the Balitimes are objectively review. To Mr. Anand Krishna, I never believe the news on TV. By reading your books, has opened my mind, teach me how to love our culture and our nation. Thanks a lot Bapak……..

  36. Janfrional Says:

    The Bali Times has committed a superb work of professional journalism. The sacred duty of the press is to convey facts and views about the real problem. I fully support The Bali Times to investigate further about what is behind the scene of this case. It’s well seen that some peoples are trying to ruin Mr. Krishna’s reputation.

  37. vienna Says:

    I trust in Mr Anand Krishna.
    I’m truly grateful to him, for his guidance, books, everything…
    Thank you Bali Times…

  38. Prabu dennaga Says:

    I assume this is defamation with purpose to destroy the character of Mr. Anand Krishna. The evidence of Tara shows no indication of sexual harassment and Sumidah just spoke without evidence. Hopefully the media ready to restore the good name of Mr. Anand krishna who has lot attempt for a better Indonesia .

  39. Ray Says:

    just wana say..,
    Bravo The Bali Times..
    You is enlithten for Bali..

  40. nino graciano Says:

    thanks to Bali Times.all media should learn from Bali Times. I watched the interview at tv yesterday. it was unfair. once again, thank you Bali Times!

  41. Suwana Says:

    The Bali Times..
    speak up the truth..
    let’s speak the truth always..(i Meant Every weekwhen you Published your article)^^
    Bravo The Bali Times..

  42. nino graciano Says:

    i got cure from drug addict with many meditation techniques from Mr. Anand Krishna. All the technique are in the book, and there is no private lesson like what they said in media.

    i learn how to love others with unconditional love from him….like what he says ” Love is The Only Solution “…i wish the best condition for him.

    Thanks Bali Times.

  43. debby sutopo Says:

    my world is a better place because of Mr. Anand Krishna. He teach me about love, and now Mr. Anand Krishna is a living sample about the path of love. To fill your heart with love, to be joyful and share our joy with others…no matter what ppl may say about us..

    Bali Times you are fantastic, thank you so much for your courage and idealism to speak up the truth…
    bravo!!! keep the spirit alive ^_^ !!!

  44. Edy Says:

    Congarats Balitimes! Finally I found a media covered this case in balance. TVone must learn from Balitimes to make a balance report.

  45. Caroline Says:

    I LOve Mr.Anand Krishna, his books is like mirror for me… i love u Mr. Anand KRishna. Thanks Balitimes…

  46. Lili Says:

    Thank you Bali Times for reporting this case with courtesy and balanced

  47. Nugroho Says:

    Knowing Mr. Anand Krishna’s reputation and his dedication to the motherland and humanity so far, it’s imposible to do such action. Forward ever Mr. Anand Krishna. Many Thanks to The Bali Times for publishing this news in balance.

  48. arief rahman Says:

    Many many Thank you to The Bali Times for reporting this news in balance.All media should learn much from you.Salute! Viva forever The Bali Times!

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