Bali the No. 1 Destination for Australians: Firm

The Bali Times

BALI is the number-one international holiday destination for Australian tourists, according to data released last week by a major online hotel booking company. revealed that amongst bookings by Australians for overseas trips this year, Bali tops its nearest rival, Phuket in Thailand, by more than two percentage points.

According to figures from the company, Bali represents 8.8 percent of total international bookings for 2010.  The average length of stay for Australian visitors is 7.5 days, while the average spend per day on accommodation is AUS$129 (US$115).

Phuket, which attracts Australian travellers for similar lengths of stay and similar per-night spends, accounted for 6.3 percent of international bookings so far, while Indonesia’s near neighbours Malaysia and Thailand accounted for 3.7 and 4.7 percent, respectively – though with markedly shorter average stays.

The results follow news last week that the numbers of Australian visitors to Bali rose last year by 42.62 percent to a total of 446,570 people, prompting hopes for a further increase in 2010.

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