No More Blackouts for Bali, Promises PLN

The Bali Times

ASPOKESMAN for state power company PLN vowed this week that there will be no more rolling blackouts in Bali, after repairs at the Gilimanuk power plant.

However, a local politician has said that the electricity supplier’s promises carry little weight.

Koerniadipoera of PLN’s Bali office said Bali’s recent, months-long power troubles that plunged the island into darkness for hours at night were over.

“We have solved the problem and repaired necessary equipment that broke down during the regular maintenance,” he said, adding that a backup generator was now installed at the Gilimanuk plant, where power supplies from Java enter Bali.

Meanwhile, I Gusti Rai Putra Yasa, chairman of the Bali Regional Assembly’s Commission II, said that PLN had failed to meet earlier commitments to halt the power shortages.

“PLN break their promises. They say the electricity supply won’t be broken again, and then blackouts still happen. Look, there are several areas, like Dalung in North Kuta, where they lost power just two days ago,” he said on Tuesday.

Yasa said that the Bali government had received many complaints from the public about interrupted power supplies over recent months, but that PLN continued to prove unreliable.

“Where is their sense of responsibility?  If people are late paying [their electricity bill] they are immediately cut off and fined.  But if blackouts go on and on what is the consequence for PLN?” he asked.

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