I Nyoman Mursada, 52, from Desa Tibubeneng in Badung, is a sports teacher at two schools and a father of two. He shared his day with The Bali Times.

I wake up very early in the morning, earlier than anyone in the family, around 5am. The first thing I do is have a cup of Bali coffee; it gets me going for the day. I also have some sweet Bali cakes and then start doing things around the house.

I tend to my chickens, which are a mix of roosters and hens. I’ve got more than 50 of them, and they live in three different cages. I give them food and water and make sure they are in good health and condition, as well as cleaning their cages. When they’re at the right stage, I sell them at the local market.

Then I have a shower and go to a school in Denpasar where I teach sports. Before I leave I’ll have some rice, to give me energy to do my job well.

I love doing what I do – working with students and teaching them. We have a lot of fun, and that’s an important part of working well and doing a good job. It makes you feel satisfied, especially when the children are so eager to learn and there are results.

My day at the school ends at 1pm and I go back home and have some lunch and take a break for half an hour. I think it’s also important to take a rest in the middle of the day, because it recharges you and makes you fresh. Then you can carry on doing other things for the rest of the day, as best as you can.

When my rest is over I go to the other school I teach at; it’s near my home in Tibubeneng, which is in the northern part of Kuta. This school is a private one whereas the one I teach at in the mornings is a government school. I’ll spend the afternoon teaching sports to the students there. One of their favourites is volleyball. In my village I often act as the referee for volleyball games. I like this sport.

I get home in the late afternoon and check on my chickens and see how they’re doing. They’ll need more food and clean water. When you have animals or pets, you have to look after them properly.

Twice a week I go to Denpasar and attend meetings of the Yellow Bamboo Association, which is a group that practices the art of self-protection and development based on the energy in us. I practice meditation, and have attained master level at the association.

I also like to do some aerobics so that I keep fit, and I’ll jog around my village when I have the time. If there are kids playing volleyball at the village centre, I’ll join them. I used to be a champion volleyball player and took part in competitions in Jakarta, representing Bali. But that was a long time ago now – 30 years – so it’s best to forget about it!

At night I like to keep busy and find things to do; I don’t like to be idle. A friend offered me a job as a night-watchman at a villa in the area that’s owned by a foreigner, and I agreed to do it. So at least I’m kept occupied. My day ends around midnight, when I fall fast asleep.

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