Foreigners Line Up to Adopt Abandoned Baby

The Bali Times

FOREIGNERS are lining up at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar hoping to adopt a newborn girl abandoned by her mother after she got a hospital bill she couldn’t pay.

Attempts by Sanglah officials to find the mother, including visiting what turned out to be a false address in Denpasar, have failed. The bill was for Rp5 million (US$548).

Forsaken: The little girl at Sanglah Hospital.

The Bali Times witnessed a number of foreigners in the maternity ward at Sanglah at the weekend. One woman, a New Zealander married to a Balinese man, said: “There are a lot of candidates for the option of this baby, including us.” The woman had been due to fly to New Zealand on Friday night but cancelled.

The couple were accompanied by their lawyer.

According to the 2002 Law on Child Protection, however, foreigners are last in line to adopt Indonesian children after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Sanglah spokesman Dr Putra Ngurah Wibawa identified the mother as Imhabiah, 35 and from Bondowoso in East Java, who gave birth on March 8. She was married, but checked into the hospital alone. 

“She left the hospital on March 12 and now the baby is under the authority of the Social Department, which is responsible for any adoption matters,” he told The Bali Times.  

“But for now the hospital is caring for the baby,” he said.

Dr Wibawa said the case had been reported to police, who were trying to find the mother.

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