Prison Chief Says No Move for Corby

The Bali Times

THE head of Bali’s Kerobokan Prison said a report by an Australian magazine that high-profile prisoner Schapelle Corby would be moved to the women’s prison at Malang in East Java – described in the report as a remote facility – was untrue and that the convicted drug smuggler was not being relocated.

Woman’s Day reported, in an article written by Corby biographer Kathryn Bonella, that the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Jakarta had ordered the clandestine move.

A purportedly official ministry document obtained by the magazine read: “Hereby ordering the Head of Kerobokan Detention Centre, Denpasar, Bali, to carry out the transfer of the convict in the name of Sceppele (sic) Corby … to be transferred to Women’s Detention Centre in Malang, East Java. The order becomes effective from the date the transfer is signed.”

It was reportedly signed on March 2, 2010, over a month ago. But the letterhead under which it appeared is said to be old stock no longer in use by the ministry.

However prison chief Siswanto said this week that there was no such order, or document from the ministry.

“It’s not true. That letter is a fake,” he said.

A move to the women’s prison at Malang by Corby was mooted in 2007 but did not go ahead.

Corby, 32, is serving a 20-year term for attempting to smuggle 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Bali in 2004. Her family has said she is suffering from acute psychological problems.

The Australian media keeps an intense focus on Corby’s prison plight.

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