Schapelle Corby Faking Insanity: Prisoner

The Bali Times

A member of the Bali Nine convicted gang of drug-smugglers who sees Schapelle Corby every day has told The Bali Times that she is “playing crazy” in a bid to win freedom.

The sensational claim will be published in the newspaper in its edition out on Friday.

The fellow Australian says Corby appears normal when no one is around but puts on an act when people, including media, are present.

Corby, 32, is serving a 20-year term in Kerobokan Prison for smuggling 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Bali and has just launched a last-ditch appeal for clemency to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, citing mental illness.

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15 Responses to “Schapelle Corby Faking Insanity: Prisoner”

  1. Calypso Says:

    And which medical degrees does this prisoner have exactly? Schapelle Corby has been diagnosed by several REAL doctors (including and Indonesian) to be clinically insane.

  2. Jan Morton Says:

    Lawrence will say whatever the prison bosses tell her to say. It doesn;t take too many brain cells to work that one out.

    Are you going to buy her bitter statements ahead of one of Australia’s most acclaimed psychiatrists? Or Dr Tong? Or all th eother medical experts?

    Why are you printing this story? Why are you trying to create a myth that Schapelle Corby isn’t seriously ill?

    Are you trying to kill her?

  3. Neville Wright Says:

    So how much did they pay Renee to say that?

  4. Steve Prynne Says:

    Things are very bad when Ms Corby’s only reasoning with freedom means of her own death.

    I’ve just watched an interview with Barack Obama and he undoubtedly exerts all the skills of a world leader.
    It’s time for Australian and Indonesian leaders to show that they are in the same class by working together and solving some of these type of problems.

  5. Catherine Says:

    Isn’t it time the media took a stand and became accountable for what they serve to the public. Why would anyone want to be presented with hearsay from someone who has been convicted of a serious crime over the words of a professionally qualified psychiatrist, who would not wish to put his career on the line with a bogus diagnosis of anyone. One of Schapelle Corby’s psychiatrist’s Dr Phillips has confirmed her as having developed a serious mental condition in jail. I think it best to proceed on this basis.

  6. Chris Says:

    Don’t take drugs to Bali and you won’t get a problem with police!

  7. Don Oliver Says:

    Right, so it’s Dr Renae Lawrence is it!? BT why are you publishing this nonsense, right smack bang in the middle of Schapelle’s plea for clemency [which btw is her right if she chooses to do so]? Schapelle has been diagnosed by on of Australia’s most respected psychiatrists as to be suffering severe psychotic depression and until another doctor of equal or higher qualifications comes along and challenges or disputes his diagnosis, then we have to accept Professor Phillips’ report, end of story. What are your reasons for doing this story?? Do you want to see her dead!!

  8. Jan Morton Says:

    To actually publish crap like this, based on a quote from someone under the control of the prison, actually shows what ‘The Bali Times’ actually is.

    Quit the foul propaganda. You are helping to kill her.

  9. An American Citizen Says:

    What crap! As if Renae Lawrence is a credible expert? You should be ASHAMED for publishing such drek.

  10. Shinawat Says:

    All Corby friends attack Bali times and making lies to saying Indonesian police look like the criminal when really is true they just doing the hard job to stopping the drug trafficker kill to the people of Bali.

  11. Ann Says:

    I am not an expert, but it did look as though Renee was ‘under the influence’ herself when interviewed. I think they should be looking to the professionals for their opinions.
    Publishing this kind of rubbish is not helpful to anyone.

  12. Brian Says:

    Indonesians don’t need Renae Lawrence to tell them what they already see for themselves.

  13. Anita Says:

    The comment of Ann shows the true light of Corby supporters to make vengeance on others.

  14. greg Says:

    Anyone who cannot comprehend that living under the conditions that schaps has been enduring for years will have negative mental repercussions is a fool.

  15. Tarryn Says:

    Pretty low act if you ask me… why publish this type of content? Where is your proof, your story lacks validity and strength and UNTIL a recognised psychologist hands out comprehensive data analysis of Schapelle’s mental heath I suggest you shut your flapping mouth and stop trying to make it harder on the poor girl. I mean fuck… even if she DID do the crime…. 20 years for marijuana???? are you serious? Im sorry, but the system is pathetic and 20 years is disgusting for a smoke. Now if it was drugs that can kill you, fair enough, I can comprehend that… but marijuana is less lethal than tobacco!!!! The only problem is that it makes your laugh at stuff and eat lots of food! OH MY GOD PUT THEM IN JAIL FOR HAVING A LIFE!!!!!!!! Bali president should spark up and chill the fuck out…. leave the poor girl alone… how would you feel…. seriously… how the fuck would you feel if it was YOU!

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