Because the weather is good and it’s the perfect location to learn how to surf and get good at it. The people are friendly and I like their laidback culture. There is a bit of everything on the island, from nightclubs to beautiful beaches and to art, crafts and tranquility.

George Findlay, 23, England


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I Love Bali Because...

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  1. Subramanian Says:

    The place is very good. Ideal for a holiday as well as to relax and it can be combined into a Pilgrimage trip, especially for Hindus. The temples are weather beaten, but the Government can certainly do something to restore them to their old glory. This will add up to the beauty and will generate more income. I expect Indian visitors to go to Bali in large numbers in the years to come. The people are very friendly, helpful, with a smile on their face. I will certainly visit this place whenever possible and would strongly recommend this destination to anyone looking for a good break from the busy life.

    Two things, Mobile calls are expensive, which the Government should try and make economical and vegetarian food is available in plenty but one has to request the restaurants not to mix egg or fish and they will respect your feelings and oblige.

    Overall a very nice place.

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