NAME: Kasnata
AGE: 40
OCCUPATION: Businessman
LOCATION: Batu Bulan

How do you think the country is doing now?
There is no significant change happening. Indonesia is developing but the country still has a lot of corruption and there are so many disasters taking place.

Is the central government in Jakarta doing enough for the regions?
Yes, it is.

If you were running the country, what three things would you fix or change immediately?
Bureaucracy, human res-ources and education.

What do you think about Bali’s government?
It’s good but they need to pay more attention to the economic development in Bali.

Are you worried about the deadly outbreak of rabies?
No. I have a lot of dogs and I’m fine with it. Most Balinese have dogs. I think people have been exaggerating the rabies problem.

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,500 islands, many religions, dozens of ethnic groups and hundreds of dialects. Therefore, is it reasonable to expect “Unity in Diversity,” as the founding fathers declared?
It is possible and not hard for it to be that way.

What are the qualities of an Indonesian?
Indonesians are some of the best people in the world. There are a lot of countries around the world that are willing to recruit experts from Indonesia. Indonesians are obedient and manageable.

What for you has been Indonesia’s greatest moment since it declared independence in 1945?
Nothing in particular that I can think of.


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