Thugs Dispersed By Police Shots in Club Raid

The Bali Times

Riot police fired a number of warning shots to disperse a group of men who forced their way into the Sky Garden nightclub in Kuta’s entertainment district in a weekend raid and damaged the premises, it emerged on Monday.

It is believed the incident, on Sunday and which followed an incident the previous night that was not reported to police, was sparked by a row over replacement of one security firm with another.

Witnesses to the 12.30am affray said they saw a group of men carrying sharp weapons, including a sword and wooden staves studded with nails, attack a security guard and damage tables and chairs in the club.

They said in the Sunday morning attack 10 men gathered in an alley near the nightclub. Four men – dressed in black and two of them wearing white face veils – then entered the club, where a security guard tried to prevent their entry.

Their companions then chased the guard and others, who are said to have run away. Nearby Mobile Brigade police – they are stationed in the nightclub district for security reasons and because of rain were sheltering nearby – heard the altercation and ran to the scene. They fired into the air to break up the fight.

All the attackers escaped.

Police would not comment on the Sunday incident but said investigations were under way.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Word on the street is that two men came into the club on Friday night with automatic weapons and began shooting. Then undercovers shot them dead. What is the real story?

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