Schapelle Corby Feigning Mental Illness Says Fellow Prisoner

The Bali Times

CONVICTED drug-smuggler Schapelle Corby pretends to be insane when people are around her in an attempt to gain release from her 20-year sentence from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, a fellow inmate at Kerobokan Prison has told The Bali Times.

Lawyers for the Australian former beautician who was arrested with 4.2 kilograms of marijuana at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in 2004 have filed for clemency from President Yudhoyono after all other avenues of appeal were exhausted.

Corby, 32, has had multiple stays at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar for apparent severe depression, and local and Australian psychiatrists who visited her in jail have said she is mentally troubled.

Faking It?: A prisoner has alleged that there’s nothing wrong with Kerobokan Prison’s famous inmate.

But an Australian prisoner, a member of the Bali Nine group of convicts sentenced to varying terms ranging from 20 years to life and death, has told The Bali Times that Corby is merely “playing crazy.”

The inmate requested that their name not be used because of sensitivities within Kerobokan Prison and because they also have legal processes ongoing.

They told The Bali Times: “She is still trying to play the crazy girl. But, hey, if it works, I might try it myself.”

They added, “She seems OK … when she thinks no one is looking, but when she knows people are looking at her she changes straight away.”

The fellow inmate cautioned that the apparent pretence at mental illness might eventually lead to difficulties for Corby.

“If she keeps this up she will end up crazy, because the mind is a powerful thing and if you believe you are sick but you are not you end up sick anyway.”

The prisoner added, in a reference to Corby’s supposed fear of the media: “She acts like she does not like reporters but she does.”

When The Bali Times visited the prison on Monday for an event for inmates organised by the Bali International Women’s Association, Corby had closed herself off in her cell and placed sarongs across the sole window.

Corby has formally lodged a petition for clemency from President Yudhoyono in her last-gasp bid for freedom, citing mental illness.

Denpasar District Court clerk Gede Ketut Rantam said on Monday Corby’s petition was submitted to the President through the Supreme Court on March 31.

Corby’s lawyer Iskandar Nawing said his client was appealing for presidential clemency now that her conviction and 20-year jail sentence were confirmed with finality by the Supreme Court. To receive the president’s mercy a convict needs to admit guilt.

She has consistently refused up to now to do so, maintaining she is innocent and therefore wrongly convicted.

Nawing also said a movie was planned about his client. That news was broken by on Australian morning TV show on Thursday.

Australian television and other media regularly feature stories on Corby. Her bid for clemency featured on TV shows in Australia this week.

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20 Responses to “Schapelle Corby Feigning Mental Illness Says Fellow Prisoner”

  1. Neville Wright Says:

    Hope you guys in Bali can watch Ch7 news tonight. We now have three leading psychiatrists backing her claims. It appears from your editorial that the inmates are more qualified than the eminent doctors. Doesn’t take much to work out what is happening.

  2. Ryan Cooper Says:

    What right do you have to call Corby “CONVICTED drug-smuggler ..”, when Corby as been deprived of the right to a fair trial as required by Indonesian law? Looks like words of the Murdoch Press – is that where they came from? Look for the impending movie by Morpheus detailing piece-by-piece the Corby-related corruption in high Australian places. Ron is going to pay a high price for protecting a mate.

    The conspiracy is unraveling. The only question is which occurs first – the return to Australia of Corby in a body bag, which seems to be the plan, or the disgust of the Australian population at the way in which they have been manipulated by a corrupt government.

  3. Jan Morton Says:

    So, yet again you post the comments of someone under the control of the prison as though it has credibility. This is sick.

    How many top psychiatrists do you need to say that she is seriously ill before you stop this sick campaign to say the opposite?

    Indonesia is coming across very badly here: the prison propaganda via a foreign prisoner; the attempts to lie about a serious sick woman; and more.

    Why are you campaigning to kill this woman?

  4. Steve Says:

    Didn’t the Corby psychiatrist get paid $20000 dollars from New Idea? You people over exaggerate everything when it comes to this drug trafficker. Indonesia gave her a fair trial. Not their fault the lawyers were a bunch of slackers. All the crooks always say they’re innocent. Check out that Australian McJannet who said someone put drugs in his bag and the boys with the heroin on their bodies who said they didn’t know it was heroin. And didn’t Corby’s lawyer from Gold coast get done for dope?

  5. edi Says:

    Wotz poppin?

  6. Fernando Gentili Says:

    Steve I fail to understand how you can compare this case to any other, when it’s crystal-clear that not only acceptable evidence is missing, but also a fair trial. It seems like you have done some research, and if so, why did you stop at the very same point where the media-built drug-trafficker bashing did? Please do explain how you believe the word of an inmate that confessed her crime (something Corby didn’t do) is worth more than that of Professor Phillips.

  7. Steve Says:

    The inmate didn’t have to be paid for his comments and sees more of Corby than Phillips did in his two pre-warned visits.

  8. Jill Horner Says:

    Some people seem to have a sickness, a twisted hatred for a woman in severe distress. So much so that they take the word of a heroin smuggler, under CONTROL of a prison which desperately wants to keep Schapelle Corby there so they can sell media stories, ahead of one of the most respected psychiatrists in Australia.

    What the prison is doing in parading Schapelle Corby, and exploiting prisoners to preach propaganda is an abuse of human rights. All right thinking people can see how obscene this is.

    For anyone to align with this is pretty sad, and speaks volumes about what sort of person they are.

  9. nikki Says:

    Who wrote this article, you should be ashamed of yourself. To portray a prisoner to have more knowledge of schizophrenia than a qualified psychiatrist is absurd. She needs to be properly medicated and if she is not, the whole country needs to be ashamed of themselves. Australians need to boycott Bali due to the lack of medical treatment.

  10. Steve Says:

    Corby don’t like the fact that reporters don’t write press releases for them. Corby doing a good job of cashing in with over $2million in payouts so far if you calculate Ralph, Magazine exclusives, defamation case, book royalties etc. Smuggling pot is just as bad as smuggling heroin. At least the other drug smugglers ain’t selling their stories to the highest bidders. I ain’t seen any of them making money from magazines or chasing movie deals. Even that young kid’s Mom did a story recently but didn’t get paid a dime, or so the report said. Go ask yourself why Corbys always cashing in and others ain’t and then ask who is exploiting who!

  11. donindevrock Says:

    Steve, smuggled drugs did she…really?? I’ve got a challenge for you! Firstly though, I can prove to you 100% that 4.2 kg’s of marijuana was found in Schapelle’s boogy bag on 8 October 2004, at Bali!
    Now, I want you to show me what evidence there was or is, right up to this very day, that the mj was ANYWHERE OTHER THAN IN BALI!! Please, give me the evidence where that is so!!

  12. Steve Says:

    The pot was in her bag. How did it get there? Most travelers carry clothes not drugs. Most drug mules ain’t real bright and think they can scam police. You prove they ain’t her drugs. I’m sure she’d appreciate your help on that one!

  13. Judi Says:

    Schapelle’s family have already told us what happened. The police in Bali are running the drugs. The author of Schapelle’s book also believes this is the truth and proved it in her book Hotel Kerobokan. Schapelle’s Uncle Shun Hatton can explain everything on this website:

    My heart goes out to Schapelle and her family and I just hope that they all have the strength to get through this nightmare.

  14. Jill Horner Says:

    Where do these sadistic people like “Steve” come from, desperately trying to justify the torture of a mentally ill person. I am ashamed to live on the same planet.

  15. Steve Says:

    Then get in your space ship and leave Jill. Just because people don’t agree with your narrow minded philosophies doesn’t mean you have to resort to name calling.

  16. Bali Jen Says:

    so the author of this story would take the word of a heroin smuggler who is most likely high on the stuff. Why does the Bali times have it in for Corby? Your paper is never objective and every story on her has a nasty slant to it.

  17. Teresa Says:

    Here’s a thought to all you Corby supporters….Instead of wasting your time writing things here use your time and send her a letter, a postcard, a picture or just something to brighten her day.

  18. brent Says:

    Just wanted to say Steve you sir are an idiot. I wish I new you so I could slap the hell out of you. Really we believe one convict over another? Smuggling herion is the same as weed. You need to get in your space ship n fly away if u believe that.I live in usa where u have to do a real investigation and have real evidence.and for 20 or so baggage handlers to be charged with smuggling on the same day as her arrest. That alone us enough to get u off. So again you sir are an idiot and I hope u see this.

  19. Billy Says:

    Two questions I don’t know the answer(s) for:

    1. Would anyone be soooo dumb as to carry that bulky/large amount of contraband directly through airport security/customs?

    2. Why “smuggle” marijuana TO Bali when it COSTS you MORE in OZ than it does in Bali?? Where’s the profit in this???

  20. luke Says:

    Funny how everyone just assumes that the trial was unfair. You lot are pretty ignorant. Indonesia is not some backwards country. She was CAUGHT smuggling 9lbs of pot into a country with a sign sporting the airport that states ‘Drug Smuggling = Death”. I’ve been to the airport. I’ve seen the sign. She got what she deserves and she’s lucky she didn’t get the death penalty.

    If an Indonesian had been caught smuggling dope into YOUR country, you’d all be screaming bloody murder. Pull your heads out of your asses.

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