Krishna’s Teachings ‘Not Deviant,’ Says Leading Muslim

The Bali Times
The leader of an influential Islamic movement says he does not believe spiritual teacher Anand Krishna’s teachings are deviant.
Nurual Arifin Husein, popularly known as Gus Nur, who leads a 38,000-strong group Islamic movement, said at the weekend: “I do not see any deviation. The way of meditation is also similar to what is done in the boarding school or theatre. I can also pray in here [Krishna’s Jakarta ashram] without any intervention.”
Krishna and his supporters have claimed that sex allegations made against him by former students and an employee are part of a religious conspiracy aimed at discrediting his work, which promotes interfaith harmony.
Husein urged his followers to be patient with the process of police investigation and any subsequent court proceedings, saying Krishna’s case would take time to resolve.
He said Indonesia needed leaders who could ensure social harmony and communal progress and that Anand Krishna was a friend in that regard.
Krishna, who also runs a spiritual centre in Bali, has been formally accused of sexual misconduct by five women.
He was taken to hospital in Jakarta from a police interview at which he was asked to sign an arrest document.
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8 Responses to “Krishna’s Teachings ‘Not Deviant,’ Says Leading Muslim”

  1. Ahmad Sarif Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Gus Nuril has around 400 thousands followers. Not 38 thousands as mention above.

  2. andrianus Says:

    Hi Bali times, from what I know is.. Amount of people organized by Gus Nuril is not of 38.000 people. But of 380.000 people. Thanks

  3. Christy Says:

    I really appreciate the courage of Gur Nuril to support pak Anand! I think it is very clear that what is happening now, for pak Anand is not fair…what he have done for this country and humanity through his books and articles is the reflection of his character.

    And what i heard, Gus Nur is the leader of 380,000 people of a strong group Islamic Movement…

    I hope and pray that pak Anand will get well soon, so he can write again for Bali Times..

  4. Usman Says:

    An Accusation against Anand Krishna is clearly a BOGUS one. His works certainly have talked and proven this.

  5. Ree Says:

    Appreciate what Gus Nuril Support to Bpk. Anand.

    pray to Bpk. Anand will be Back and get well soon for our beloved country..
    and work together with Gus Nuril to spread peace love and harmony…

  6. Angelina Says:

    This is a great news, i think Bali Times more proportional than others media. They already have character assasignation to pak Anand who work for this Nation and the world peace…thank you Bali Times,we are salute for your clearly news

  7. Harum Says:

    Thank you Bali Times, i really love this news, for i sick of all the gossiping and accusing news by other medias.

  8. Lili Says:

    Thank you very much Gus Nuril and also The Bali Times, hope fully there will be more leader and media that spread peace love and harmony…..together with Bapak Anand Krishna

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