3,000 Europeans Get Extra Bali Break

The Bali Times

Up to 3,000 European travellers are now stranded in Bali because of the Icelandic volcano eruption, Ngurah Rai International Airport general manager Heru Legowo said on Tuesday.

The backlog has been building for four days, since most European airspace was closed by aviation authorities because of fears the ash cloud would endanger aircraft.

And because flights via Singapore or originating there have been grounded since Saturday, many of the stranded Europeans them are opting to extend their Bali holiday because it is cheaper to stay here than in Singapore.

“Most of them are choosing to prolong their stay in Bali,” Legowo said.

He said the airport had asked airlines to carefully coordinate their handling of stranded passengers to avoid bottlenecks and further delays when it was possible for Europe-bound passengers to go home.

Legowo told The Bali Times separately that he was praying for a resumption of flights to Europe.

“We can only wait and pray for the volcanic ash cloud to dissipate soon, so that the flights will be back to normal,” he said.

“In the meantime, (stranded) passengers in Bali are waiting for the cloud to disappear.”

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