British Man Drugged and Robbed in Seminyak

The Bali Times

A British man was drugged then robbed after chatting with the thief at his house in Bali’s upmarket Seminyak area, police said.

He was identified as Neil Gundari, 47, from England.

The incident happed around 2am on Monday and resulted in the robber making off with valuables from the Jl Drupadi house including laptops, cameras, mobile phones and cash amounting to around Rp5 million, for a total of some Rp75 million (US$8,300), said Denpasar Police spokesman Gede Sukawiyasa.

He said the pair had been drinking prior to the robbery, and it is thought the thief added a drug to the victim’s drink, causing him to fall unconscious.

Police are investigating.

The theft is the latest is a string of robberies targeting foreigners in Bali.

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3 Responses to “British Man Drugged and Robbed in Seminyak”

  1. edi Says:

    ya can’t put brains into statues

  2. dave Says:

    oh dear,like Forrest Gump said”stupid is as stupid does”
    A friend of one of my inlaws was robbed in Kuta a few days ago,was offered a sexual act in a back lane by a person possibly not a real woman, as the person knelt to perform said act,he/she reached around behind, removed the gentlemans wallet,ran to an accomplices motorbike,and escaped.
    I understand that youre out for a good time when youre on holiday, and that sometimes the brain is on holiday too……..this person is now being suppoted finacially by friends because of his stupidity…
    Bule not getting any smater.

  3. Grosero Says:

    there more to this then being said. In CA it happens all the time. The chica’s to the drug on their breast. The girks get the stuff fro the Columbian. Like I said there more here then being said….

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