Dive Operators on Notice Over Certs

The Bali Times

DIVE operators have been warned they must tighten up on checks on tourists who book dives with them. Under the law, all divers must have a valid dive certificate issued by a recognised and authorised body.

DPD Gahawisri (water sports association) Secretary IB Agung Partha, who issued the warning, said because underwater sports were dangerous participants must be trained and dive operators were responsible for ensuring their clients were properly qualified.

He said some unscrupulous operators were ignoring the rules.

There were accredited diver trainers in Bali who could provide legitimate dive tickets for tourists who wanted to experience Bali underwater.

Popular dive spots such as Nusa Penida had dangerous currents that could sweep away unwary or undertrained divers. It was important all divers understood the risks and had a grasp of local conditions.

Insisting on only properly ticketed recreational divers would also mean Bali could collect accurate data on the sport and its popularity here, as well as avoid in accidents that could tarnish Baliโ€™s image as an underwater destination.

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One Response to “Dive Operators on Notice Over Certs”

  1. O.S. Says:

    Thank you for this article !!
    Please bring it daily again directly to all the companys whats working in this sector. And please also the information that the ones who offer diving services also have to have a valid (!!!) diving license !!
    In this moment where the DPD Gahawisri is not longer a part of the usally “familiar” system to close everytime the eyes in front of a “friend” of a “friend” Bali would have only 30% left of all the operators ….
    In some other countrys are strikt rules for diving and watersport – here nobody is interested to change anything ๐Ÿ™
    I am working in a diving company and we see it daily what a mess is the diving here on Bali because of all this non certified companys.

    A guest of us said in the last: Hey, here its diving like 20 years ago in other parts of the world …. its true ๐Ÿ™

    Its really on time to set up fix rules ! To safe the sea, the tourism business and the guests !!

    I can be contactet if someone is interested to change something or need help to do it !!

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