Seven Months Sought for Aussie Drug Man

The Bali Times

Prosecutors at the Denpasar District Court requested on Wednesday a seven-month jail sentence for Australian drug suspect Robert McJannett, who was arrested upon arrival in Bali last December.

Under Indonesia’s harsh drug laws, the trade unionist had faced up to four years in prison in Bali.

But prosecutor Nyoman Sucitrawan told the court that McJannett was not a drug dealer and had only been in possession of 1.7 grams of marijuana.

McJannett had been using the drug to ease symptoms of various medical conditions including depression, the prosecutor said.

The hearing was adjourned until next Wednesday.

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3 Responses to “Seven Months Sought for Aussie Drug Man”

  1. Kay Danes Says:

    It is pleasing to see the judiciary giving such careful consideration to this individual’s previous difficulties with depression and drug dependency. Any form of drug trafficking is unacceptable but addicts tend to take incredible and foolhardy risks that they would not otherwise undertake if they were not under the destructive influence of drugs.

    For the drug addict, a simple “just say no” approach is insufficient. But to hit rock bottom and find yourself facing a court in a foreign land may be the wake up call that helps turn that life around. Sadly for most however, there are seldom any second chances.

  2. Robert Mcjannett Says:

    That’s very noble Kay and probably true for addicts but the simple fact is I was set up and then blackmailed. The judiciary had been paid to act humane money Kay not humanitarianism

  3. The truth Says:

    Set up my ar5e you got caught red handed and tryed to run away . You also came back with a positive drug test or did you forget about that yer thought so dope has that effect after long time use ha ha ha it was funny to c you in hand cuffs I’m still smiling to this day thinking about it

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