Possible Jail Term for ‘Illegal’ Cowboys Filmmaker: Police

The Bali Times

The maker of the controversial documentary Cowboys in Paradise, portraying local men hooking up with foreign women on Kuta Beach, may be prosecuted and face up to a year in prison, Bali Police have said.

“After we checked, we discovered that the maker of the film did not have permission to shoot (in Bali),” police spokesman Gde Sugianyar told reporters late on Wednesday.

He said the film was therefore “illegal” under Law No. 8 1992 on Filming.

Authorities earlier this week rounded up 28 suspected hustlers on Kuta Beach, Bali’s most popular and internationally known stretch of sand. 

The maker of the low-budget production shot using handycams, Amit Virmani, resides in Singapore.

The city-state does not have a working extradition treaty with Indonesia due to hold-ups in ratifying a 1997 accord at parliament in Jakarta.

Under Indonesian law, if tried and found guilty, Virmani could also be fined Rp40 million (US$4,420).

Bali Police said they were coordinating with the Indonesian Immigration Department in advancing their investigation.

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3 Responses to “Possible Jail Term for ‘Illegal’ Cowboys Filmmaker: Police”

  1. Bali Jen Says:

    This is laughable.. They round up the beach boys but do nothing about the night girls/bencongs in all the clubs, drug dealers on the streets and men trying to sell young kids for sex!! Bali police need to get their priority’s straight.

  2. Kuta cowboys film maker faces possible jail term Says:

    […] cowboys film maker faces possible jail term The Bali Times reports that the film maker of the documentary "Cowboys in Paradise" faces a possible […]

  3. widder Says:

    If it were not so sad, it would be funny. There are a lot more serious things the police could stop. How about very young children, too you to have a licence, riding motor bikes, not only endangering others, but themselves as well? How about the “porter” scams at the airport, surely it is illegal to pretend to be an “official” of any kind? Maybe, just maybe, the police will actually start prioritising their activities!

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