Japan Airlines Pulls Out of Bali


Struggling Japan Airlines is closing its route to Bali as it tries to claw its way out of bankruptcy, leaving Bali’s second-largest tourist market vastly underserved.

Bali airport general manager Heru Legowo told The Bali Times on Sunday he was disappointed at the carrier’s decision to leave Bali and close its offices on the island.

“We are very sorry” that Japan Airlines is cancelling its Bali routes, he said.

“Actually their passengers and cargo are good.”

Legowo said the airline, which filed for bankruptcy in January, told airport management of the decision on October 1 last year.

It will end services to Bali on September 30.

Japan is currently the largest tourist market for Bali after Australia.

The airline has also announced the closure of over a dozen other international routes as it strives to save on costs.

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One Response to “Japan Airlines Pulls Out of Bali”

  1. Paul Says:

    I have flown that Narita – Denpasar flight more times than I can remember. The flight is more often than not over booked on the return section with a good possibility of a free upgrade.
    I feel safe with the JAL planes. If the only alternative is Garuda flights down to the island, then I will have to vacation somewhere else until the JAL service is resumed.