Drugs-in-Socks Man Gets Five Months


Australian trade unionist Robert McJannett has been sentenced to five months’ jail for using drugs – a lesser charge than the original one of importing a drug – and should be out of jail by the end of May.

He has been in police detention or Kerobokan Jail since his arrest on December 28 when he arrived on a flight from Perth and was found with 1.7 grams of marijuana hidden in a pair of socks in his baggage.

McJannett, 48, of Kardinia, a Perth suburb, travelled to Bali with his son Paul, with whom he had planned a five-day holiday.

He first denied the drugs were his and said he did not know they were in his baggage. He claimed trade union enemies in Western Australia had tried to set him up.

Later he admitted to drug use, saying he used hashish at home to cope with stress, admitted he had brought marijuana to Bali, and apologised in court for his behaviour.

Prosecutors dropped the earlier charge of importing a “group one” narcotic, an offence that can result in a 15-year jail sentence.

They substituted the drug use charge and asked the court to jail McJannett for seven months.

The five-month sentence imposed by the Denpasar District Court on Thursday, if calculated on the basis of time served, means Mcjannett would be eligible for release on May 28 or 29.

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