Mystery Over Multiple-Stab Murder


Police are treating a death resulting from a brawl in a Buleleng village as possible multi-perpetrator murder after the victim was found to have multiple stab wounds and had been bashed.

Made Subala, also known as Kadek Sambel, 30, of Dajan Margi in Sukasada, died after a weekend confrontation with a neighbour – his cousin – who had complained about the noise Subala’s car was making.

The man, Made Suryawan Edi, 22, later went with his uncle to local police to give himself up and told them he and Subala had argued and he had drawn a knife he used for cutting palm leaves.

Subala had been stabbed in the stomach and ran away, but collapsed and died shortly after.

However, based on medical reports from Sanglah Hospital, where Subala’s body was taken, police now believe he was assaulted by a number of men. An autopsy showed he had a puncture wound in the abdomen, a long incision in his neck, and six stab wounds on his back.

“From the autopsy, we’re still developing the examination of witnesses,” Buleleng Police spokesman I Made Sudirsa said.

Police had information that the dispute between Subala and his confessed attacker and others in the village arose not only from a heated misunderstanding at the time of the affray, but also from arguments over an inheritance.

“There is strong suspicion that this problem was the culmination of the rivalry between the perpetrator and the victim relating to a problem of inheritance,” Sudirsa said.

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