New Kuta Sex Film Shocks Police


Bali Police are now engaged on another sex-film hunt, this time for a mysterious Indonesian woman who appeared in an amateur pornographic film made seven years ago.

The 22-minute, poor-quality film, called Koreana, was shot at Kuta Beach and features an Indonesian woman and a Caucasian man who have sex on a hotel balcony overlooking the beach.

It is understood the movie only became popular after the recent controversy surrounding the documentary Cowboys in Paradise, about alleged gigolos who have holiday romances with female tourists for money or other favours.

“We will investigate who distributed spread the movie on the internet and on DVD,” Bali Police spokesman Gede Sugianyar said.

“This woman is Indonesian, not Korean. We can tell from her looks and she speaks Javanese in the movie.”

According to the police, the 22-minute movie was amateurish and shot – like Cowboys in Paradise – on a handycam. Police say they are having trouble identifying the participants because the video was shot seven years ago.

The movie begins with a panoramic pan of Kuta beach as the camera follows two of the beach’s security officers patrolling on a motorcycle. The next scene shows the woman speaking to a beach vendor in fluent Javanese.

The movie’s sex scenes are said to be indistinct.

Bali Police are still hoping to charge the Singaporean director of Cowboys in Paradise, Amit Virmani, with failing to procure the required permit to film. But Virmani is in Singapore and an extradition treaty with Singapore has never been processed by the Indonesian legislature.

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