French Woman Tourist in Trauma After Armed Break-in


A French woman living alone at Celuk in Sukawati is traumatized after two armed robbers wearing underpants over their faces broke into her house, threatened to kill her if she resisted, and robbed her of peronal belonging valued at Rp500 million (US$5,467) in a 2am raid on Monday.

Police say she has not left the house since the attack and has been spending a lot of time crying.

Mireille Lefeurem, 41, who was asleep in her upstairs bedroom, which was unlocked, was woken by the intruders who scaled a wall to gain entry to the upper level because the ground floor entry was locked.

One of the robbers was armed with a sickle and the other with a machete. They told the woman in English they would attack her with their weapons if she resisted.

She handed over personal belongings including 12 pairs of silver earrings, two pairs of gold earrings, four silver and three gold rings, a Sony Ericson mobile phone, a Fujitsu laptop computer, a Samsung digital camera and Rp20 million ($2,180) in cash.

Sukawati Police say Lefeurem reported the the violent robbery to them on Tuesday after discussing the matter with friends.

Local police chief Bernard Mosak said he had received reports and officers were investigating.

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