Jailbird McJannett Says We’re All Crooks


Convicted Australian drug user Robert Paul McJannett, released from Bali’s Kerobokan Jail on Friday after completing a five-month sentence, used his homecoming to criticise the Indonesian authorities and call for Schapelle Corby to be brought home.

McJannett, 48, who was arrested at Ngurah Rai International Airport on December 28 when customs officers found 1.7 grams of marijuana concealed in socks in his baggage, hit out at Indonesian authorities when he arrived in Perth on Friday night.

“For the past five months, I have witnessed blackmail, bribery and corruption on an unprecedented scale. It is clearly not possible to receive a fair trial in the Bali justice system,” he told reporters.

McJannett, who first claimed when arrested in Bali that he had been set up by enemies in his trade union but then changed his story and admitted the drugs were his, urged the federal government to intervene in the Corby case.

“I call on the prime minister and foreign minister in this election year to bring Schapelle home, before it’s too late,” he said.

Corby is serving a 20-year jail sentence for bringing 4.1kg of marijuana into Bali in her boogieboard bag in October 2004.

Earlier this year she applied for presidential clemency, saying she was suffering from depression that could endanger her life.

Clemency decisions in Indonesia, like anywhere else, can take months.

McJannett, who contested an election in the West Australian branch of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union and lost, and who was previously a Labor Party parliamentary candidate in Queensland, had arrived in Bali for a brief holiday with his son.

He was found guilty of drug possession, which he finally admitted and apologised for, at the Denpasar District Court earlier in May and was sentenced to five months’ jail.

McJannett was released on Friday on the basis of time served on remand awaiting trial. He cause mirth among his jailers when, as he left Kerobokan’s gate, he put a cotton shopping bag over his head to avoid being recognised.

He has been banned from re-entry to Indonesia for 12 months and this could be extended. His passport has been stamped accordingly.

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13 Responses to “Jailbird McJannett Says We’re All Crooks”

  1. shorty Says:

    why do you you give oxygen to this self confessed low life?

    so things are tough in kerobokan. stiff shit. if you hadn’t chosen to break the law you wouldn’t have been there.

    i fail to see the connection between your case and corby.

    ironic, the system and the prosecutor (made pastika) you criticise were praised for the conviction of the bali bombers.

    mcjannett, shut up, cop it sweet. you’re an embarrasment.

  2. John Power Says:

    Jails are supposed to be nasty places. Release Corby why? because she is depressed! Well i guess all the other inmates aren’t exactly over the moon about being locked up either.
    Do we just open the gates and let them all out ?

  3. Maria Says:

    There is a very big difference between possessing 1.7 grams and 4.1 kg.
    When travelling to Indonesia, you know what the law is and what the possible consequenses are, if you get caught.
    And yes, I believe there is room for discussion about the living conditions at Kerobokan. But this is also a well known situation, so it should be an extra incentive NOT to get involved in drug smuggling!
    If you can’t do the time…..

  4. kadek Says:

    all you drag smagler come to bali you can go to hell , you just ruining a young lifes generations and the beuty of my island , if you willing to do something that broked the laws you must be prepared for consequenses, and stop complaining that is not fair trail in bali .

  5. Steve Says:

    McJannett calling for Corby release hey. How come he isn’t calling for anyone to help the other Australians? Maybe he’s hoping to cash in on the Corby publicity wagon like Kathryn Bonella.

  6. Will Says:

    One could only hope that you are also deported out of Australia you scumbag, zip your loud mouth idiot.

  7. nederwierie Says:

    you guys in bali are sick in the head.for some ganja your country ruins lives of peoples,of familys.your country lives on corruption.its scary to see te replys here,dont you have feelings anymore?this is very sick and the sickest thing of it you guys dont even realize your sick…..what a country with full of corruption where innocent people have to pay for.you talk about smugglers but on every corner in bali are drugs dealers,but the police only catch tourists since they have money.your country is like shit

  8. Putu Says:

    @ kadek.. nice aussie trying to write a post in broken English!! jak mekejang nawang hukum di Indonesia sing adil bli. Sing ada maan ane adil keto ne sube sube.

  9. Putu Says:

    @ kadek.. maybe you can help clean up our country and stop the drug dealer on the streets and the Men selling young kid for sex. This people never are arrested by our police even though they do the dealing in public. Or you can help teach our young generation to keep bali clean and not throw waist in the river. Our justice system will not get clean of corruption if everyone keeps quiet about it. It is not complaining but making people aware so that we can change it for the good of our country!!!!

  10. Robert Mcjannett Says:

    The only thing that is pathetic in this saga is the bali times reporting. Facts- I was set up. Why? probably for being a whistleblower on ALP corruption among other things. Fact- I have never stood in an election for the labor party and never would. Fact- I blew the whistle on labor party child molestors in 2000 and have paid the price ever since. Fact- The concicted serial child molestor and ALP identity Graham charles Wickson got early parole in Brisbane whilst I was detained. He would not have achieved this if I were free at the time. Fact- the drugs were not found in my luggage only a large metal container was found there. The drugs miraculously appeared some time after this and the metal container which set off the alarms vanished. Fact- there is an AFP investigation into operations at Perth airport on 28 December 2009. Hector get a life and get your facts right!!

  11. cyril Says:

    Robert you’re a lier, a very bad person! I witnessed it for months…

  12. Roy Propsner Says:

    Robert Paul Mcjannett, please contact your friend Roy Propsner of A Basic Service Amusement Rides, Gaming, Manufacturing and Entertainment Consortium LLC.

  13. Robert Mcjannett Says:

    Cyril you are a pathetic drug addict and very dirty unclean person. You coughed your TB germs all over us for 5 months. No wonder they deported you twice you grubby frog.

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