Gilimanuk Clamp Ahead of Obama Visit


Port authorities have toughened up security at Gilimanuk, the Java ferry crossing point to Bali, ahead of the expected visit of US President Barack Obama to Indonesia – and Bali – later this month.

Densus 88 anti-terrorist police and other law enforcement agencies have stationed personnel at the port and from this week intensive screening of arriving passengers and traffic is underway.

Jembrana Police crimes chief I Ketut Suparta said on Tuesday the measures were designed to prevent entry of any dangerous materials and to narrow the opportunities available for anyone wishing to disturb public order, such as terrorists.

The combined force is inspecting every vehicle and car entering Bali from East Java.

As well as the crack Densus 88 paramilitary police, Jembrana Police and mobile brigade (Brimob) personnel have been stationed at Gilimanuk.

As part of the screening process, bus passengers have to leave their vehicles and go through a separate gateway equipped with detection equipment. Following physical screening for metal and explosives, passengers must then present personal identification to a team of inspectors.

Suparta said on Tuesday that so far no suspicious individuals or situations have been detected at the screening stations.

Police also have side streets around the port under close surveillance, together with local boat traffic sailing between Java and Bali.

President Obama is expected to arrive in Jakarta on June 14 and to stay in the Nusa Dua area while he is in Bali.

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